Arvind Kejriwal's apology, Ashutosh's outburst on TV are just 'damage control exercise'

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After facing flak from all corners for continuing his speech even after a farmer committed suicide at Aam Aadmi Party's Kisan rally, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has finally come up with an apology. Even party leader Ashutosh broke down during a TV interview to tender his apology to Gajendra's daughter.

But the AAP convener's late apology to the family of the deceased farmer seems more of a damage control exercise rather than a gesture of expressing regret.

Why Kejriwal's apology is not acceptable

Kejriwal's late apology

Kejriwal on Friday said that it was his mistake that he continued his speech after Gajendra Singh tried to commit suicide at the Kisan rally in Jantar Mantar.

Speaking to ANI, Kejriwal said, "I continued my speech after this, this was my error. I apologize if someone's sentiments have been hurt. I made a mistake. Should have called off the rally."

Gajendra Singh's family turns down Kejriwal's apology

Meanwhile, Gajendra Singh's family rejected the Delhi CM's apology and blamed Kejriwal for his death.

[I continued my speech, that was my error: Arvind Kejriwal on farmer suicide]

"If something happens to his son, I will also go and apologize. Will apology bring back my son? All this is a sham. Such a big incident took place and he is apologising. How is he going to run the government? Gajendra left behind three small kids. Who will take care of them?" Gajendra's father Banne Singh told ANI.

What took you so long Mr Kejriwal to apologise?

Kejriwal's statement over Gajendra Singh's death came almost 48 hours after his death. Hence, a question definitely arises that why AAP chief took so long to come up with his formal statement.

Even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his statement on the floor of Lok Sabha, a day before Kejriwal's. But the Delhi CM, who witnessed the entire tragic incident in front of his eyes, took 48 hours to come up with an apology.

Kejriwal until now remained a mute spectator while his party members kept defending themselves and their decision of going ahead with the rally. He and his associates made most of the dais to criticise the Centre instead of expressing solidarity with the deceased farmer's family.

It must be noted that AAP leader, present on the stage, had tweeted that the farmer who committed suicide was no more even as Arvind Kejriwal was trying to earn brownie points out of the tragedy. He now says that he was hurt with the tragic incident and couldn't sleep the entire night on Wednesday, but ironically his statement came on Friday. Not, even when Gajendra Singh was cremated.

AAP's apology, a damage control exercise

The AAP chief has made it a habit of first committing a mistake and later, in a damage control exercise, seeks apology. Earlier as well the AAP leader apologised to the people of Delhi for resigning from Delhi government without their permission.

He remained silent when his party was facing its worst ever internal crisis when party's founder members Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were removed from the party.

People of Delhi didn't receive a satisfactory answer from their CM over the infighting even as his once most trusted men are calling him a dictator and alleging lack of transparency within the party.

It seems that Kejriwal's apology today is nothing but a damage control exercise to help your party steer away from this uninvited controversy.

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