Revealed: Detailed trail of money that went into Burdwan blasts!

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Burdwan blasts money tracked!
The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has cracked the money trail into the Burdwan blast. Three NGO'S which used the money parked at the Islami Bank of Bangladesh pumped the money in through the borders of Assam and West Bengal which in turn reached the Burdwan module.

The information shared by the Indian and Bangladeshi Intelligence agencies have found that the militant wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami known as the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh used the same route that even the Al-Qaeda used to finance it's operations.

The NGO's role

Three NGO's ‎- Rabata-al-alam-al-islami, al-nahiyan and the Revival of Islamic Heritage have been primarily responsible for moving money into West Bengal to fund the Burdhwan blast Intelligence agencies have found.

Money to the tune of RS 850 crore moved out of West Bengal between 2009 and 2012. Some part of this money was parked at the Islami Bank of Bangladesh while the rest was moved to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Mexico . Three NGOs, one at Kuwait and two in Saudi received money which was meant to be then transferred to the JMB through a hawala channel.

The Hawala channel connecting Bangladesh and India directly was avoided and another channel was used. The money management was handed over to Kausar who is on the run. The interrogation details reveal his name several times and the accused say he was the one who brought the money in.

Money pumped in for terrorism

Considering the magnitude of the operation, agencies suspect that nearly Rs 15 crore may have moved into the country over the past four years. The operation was planned in 2009 and the execution began in 2010. Money from Kuwait and Saudi has moved into India through these NGO'S at regular intervals since then.‎

The JMB has earmarked an annual budget of Rs 1 crore for arms and ammunition, Rs 40 lakh as salaries for its operatives and Rs 3 crore for other expenses which include bribes and renting expenses. This information is based on the input shared with India by Bangladesh.

After the money reached Bangladesh, it was transferred to the accounts of these NGO's in Saudi and Kuwait. It was parked there and taken out when needed. Each time there was a requirement it was moved to the India border through a hawala channel. Further it was collected by an operative and then supplied directly to the module in West Bengal, the probe so far has revealed.

The political angle‎‎

The entire Burdwan episode has a political agenda and sadly India was being used as a launch pad. This is what prompted the Indian government to send the National Security Agency(NSA) and the Intelligence Bureau chief to West Bengal to take stock of the situation. It goes beyond a terror strike. In fact it was a full fledged plan to overthrow a government by using Indian soil and hence it is necessary to take stock, cooperate with Bangladesh and put an end to it informed a member who will be part of the delegation visiting Burdwan tomorrow.

The Jamaat-e-Islami which is in a battle with the Awami League had used its militant wing the JMB to carry forward this war. Since they felt they were not winning politically they decided to use military might.

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