Rahul reloaded: Is the angry young man of any use to Congress?

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Rahul Gandhi
An aggressive Rahul Gandhi jumping into the Lok Sabha Well on Wednesday was a treat to the eyes of several Congress supporters. Mainstream media got yet another chance to glorify the Congress vice president forgetting that this was Parliament behaviour at its worst.

Rahul reloaded

Raking up the issue of "rising" communal violence the Congress vice president said that opposition is not being given time in the House to discuss the issue. Normally reticent, Rahul - a third time member of Lok Sabha from Amethi seat- entered the Well for the first time to join his party members in pressing for an adjournment motion to discuss the incidents of communal violence. He also accused the speaker to be biased and took an indirect dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying only one person is heard in the parliament.

Media went gaga over Rahul's sudden waking up from his deep slumber but little did they show how was government's reaction on this entire issue. The event narrated by media showed Rahul as a hero, while in reality it was the opposite.
"Those who don't speak in the House accuse us of not allowing them to speak," said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, after Rahul's unnecessary act of aggression.

Now if we look at Rahul's performance in the 16th Lok Sabha, the Amethi MP has not asked a single question, participated in just one discussion and has a dismal attendance of mere 75 per cent when the average national attendance in the House is 89 per cent. So, one can easily understand how active Rahul has been till date. Therefore, how can one buy his charge that people are not allowed to speak when hasn't yet put up a single question on the floor of the House.

Why this sudden angry man avatar?

Well, one pertinent question that crossed perhaps every mind is what possibly has triggered this sudden change?

A passive and a back-bencher Rahul was seen active on Thursday as well. The Gandhi scion batted for more time to a Congress party colleague speaking passionately on the issue of atrocities against women and children.

Rahul, who was caught dozing in the House in the ongoing session, was seen sitting in the fourth row and listening to the discussion. He even thumped the desk after Ranjeet Ranjan, a Congress MP from Bihar, ended her speech.

The reasons are quite obvious, the Congress's face wanted to give a message clear and loud to his baiters and critics that "he's the one" and that "he too can be aggressive". But, the politician's act in the parliament felt more of an act of desperation to gain some media attention than making a difference. There are upcoming major assembly elections where the incumbent Congress is facing anti-incumbency. Party would be hoping same aggression from its top leader to win the polls.

Will it turn the tides for Congress

Well now that Rahul's desperation has drawn him some media attention it will be interesting to see how long this "flame" keeps Rahul burning and in what way is it going to affect the party. The Congress leader has a habit of showing his aggression ‘once in a blue moon' and then goes into hibernation. Thus one wonders whether Rahul's changed avatar is going to reorganize a decimated Congress or will it create anarchy in the grand old party of India.

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