Rahul & Kejriwal are after Modi because they need him to survive

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Why Rahul, Kejriwal are attacking Modi
Less than a month ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha election, the Congress is religiously aping the strategy of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in attacking BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on his home turf. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi unexpectedly attacked the Gujarat chief minister on Tuesday, even comparing himself to Adolf Hitler. He also mocked Modi, saying India doesn't want chowkidaars, as the latter had claimed to be the nation's guard at a rally in October last year. A few days ago, AAP Convenor and former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal criticised Modi's development model.

Congress & AAP have made LS poll look like a Gujarat affair

It is strange that the Congress and AAP, particularly Rahul Gandhi, decided to attack Modi in his own state just a month before the national polls. Even a year ago, the same Congress used to say that Gujarat isn't India and that Modi's national ambitions would never succeed. Now, the same Congress is taking on Modi on the issue of Gujarat's development as if the state is going to the assembly polls soon.

The reason for such shift in strategy is not difficult to understand. Both the Congress and the AAP have a lot to worry ahead of the big polls for various reasons and the two parties which were strong rivals till recently have now decided to choose a common enemy in Narendra Modi, who is gaining more friends as the election is approaching.

Congress used to say that Gujarat isn't India, but now is contradicting itself

The growing popularity of Modi across the board has made the 'communal' weapon a blunt one and now the Congress and AAP have decided to take on the man on the issue of development. But is this strategy of projecting the Lok Sabha election as an exclusively Modi affair while saying that Gujarat isn't India going to convince the people? Chances are very very low.

Who is Kejriwal to 'expose' flaws in Gujarat administration? He has failed as a CM

It doesn't matter now to judge whether Modi's development model is flawed. This is something that the Congress should have raised five years ago. And the less is said about the AAP, the better. What on earth is Kejriwal thinking by making claims about Gujarat's development? He hasn't survived even 50 days in the chief minister's office. No administration is perfect on this earth but Kejriwal didn't ever had the courage to try his hand in administration. The man, who was recently seen advising a television journalist on presentation of his interview, needs a counter-factor to improve his party's poll prospects and Modi fits the bill perfectly. That is the only way to make up for a weak organisation.

What's Rahul Gandhi saying? He doesn't even visit states where Congress is in big trouble

And take Rahul Gandhi's case. The man's rallies are mostly confined in states like Rajasthan (where the Congress was in power till December), Uttar Pradesh (that too in Amethi, his own constituency), Karnataka (where the Congress is likely to produce its best performance this year) and now Gujarat (raking up the anti-Modi factor).

Gandhi either speaks in favour of the poor's right to eat or the BJP's corruption in these states but never looks to face pressing challenges in states like Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu or Bihar. Does he have any vision for the people of those states where his party is in a shambles? Perhaps not. And hence he chooses to raise the same anti-Modi rhetorics to draw the crowd. May be the Shehzade taunt is irresistible for him to retaliate but Rahul Gandhi forgets that anti-incumbency is a baggage for the Congress at the moment, not Modi's.

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