Rahul Baba 'kissed' welcome or goodbye in Assam?

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Guwahati, Feb 27: The welcome kiss for Rahul is significant for many in many ways. It could also be the final goodbye kiss for the UPA govt for its disastrous track record of 10 years.

Call it a way to woo the general mass, the young politician has initiated one-on-one interaction sessions with various sections of the society-women, tribals, executives, north easterners, panchayat heads, MLAs. But is that enough to get a fare share of votes in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections to be able to rule the country once again? Perhaps no, especially when the meetings are exclusive and not inclusive.

Modi reaches mass with 'chai' and 'fish'

Experts say if you have to reach common man, reach them on a daily basis and Narendra Modi, BJP's Prime Ministrial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister is doing just that. With discussions over 'chai' and promotions over fish stalls, Modi is reaching one and all-be it traders or tribals.

Rahul Gandhi on the other hand is catering to people based on the issues that his party has been addressing or is confident enough to address. In fact, this has reflected in the PEW research centre, which shows 63% of those surveyed favour BJP and only 19% favouring INC. [Read full PEW report]

Agenda-based campaign is not what India wants

India wants an example now, not promises. Narendra Modi has a game changer in Gujarat and he is tapping that effectively in each of his rallies. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, has nothing but a pile of Bills (passed by the UPA in a hurry to grab votes) to bank upon. Not to say, he is also harping on the current socio-political situation of the country in all his meets.

The above-mentioned is evident from the kind of selective audience that he has had. After the Nido murder case, he addressed the Northeastern students, increasing rape indices saw women being addressed, land grabbing issues (nullified by the land acquisition bill that he had passed just a few months ago) saw an audience of tribals and farmers.

Will this strategy work for Rahul Gandhi?

Probably, because this kind of an interactive session never happened before. Probably not, because its plain politics that is evident. Modi, however, is showing acumen of being a matured politician addressing the problems of the people and giving solutions to that...no claims or promises.

However, it should be left to public opinion and the need of the time to decide on our next leader, who should be beyond the vote bank politics or the politics of the mass and the class.

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