Sorry Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the Congress's doctor is in coma

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is at it again. On Friday, the daughter of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said at Rae Barelli, the latter's constituency, that the Congress has lost touch with the people and until there is an effort to understand the masses' expectation, there is little the party can do.

The 43-year-old leader, who is not part of the Congress's electoral politics, chalked out a six-month protest plan for her party workers against the state and central government. She also asked the supporters to oppose the NDA government's new land ordinance.


How much fruitful will this renewed aggression of Priyanka Gandhi prove?

Sorry, the Congress's doctor is in coma

The problem with the Congress is that its doctor is in coma. Priyanka Gandhi's words sound good but for the Congress to regain its lost touch with the ground, the leadership must come from somewhere outside the Gandhi family.

For as long as there is a centralised pattern of functioning in the party, the call for decentralisation is nothing short of day-dreaming.

The party began to lose touch with the ground once Indira Gandhi firmly established the dynastic politics and now with her grand-daughter prescribing a renewed drive for public contact, it is clear now what harm the former prime minister had done to the party. But there is hardly a Mahatma in the grand-old party now to rewind the wheel of history.

Priyanka Gandhi: Congress's non-political politician

Priyanka Gandhi herself looks nothing less than an ivory-tower politician who appears occasionally to provide some oxygen to her beleaguered party but politics is too hard a ball-game to be influenced in that manner.

Only protest, no leadership will further exhaust the Congress

Chalking out plans of protest over six months amounts to nothing for without a robust leadership that can speak some sense, direction street fights will only bear no fruit and will leave the party more demoralised.

The Congress's line of thinking is completely out of place. If it considers attacking Narendra Modi is the best possible way for it to revive itself, it is completely mistaken.

The Congress had once taken on the mighty British because it had a strong base across the country. It was a social coalition, had a well-structured ideology and strong leadership.

Just protesting against Modi will not reconnect Congress to the people

None of these exist today and by asking the supporters to resort to pitch battle and defy the BJP prime minister who almost single-handedly annihilated them in the last general elections and in a string of assembly polls thereafter, the Congress is putting the cart before the horse.

It is not going to go anywhere.

Priyanka's call for a better social media engagement is still a good one

The advice to engage more with the social media is still a hopeful one. The Congress, being a traditionalist, is losing out to the BJP time and again on this count.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's suggestion that the social media is a strong medium of communication nowadays should be followed religiously by the party and it is quite surprising that none of the two top Gandhis have come up with this suggestion so far.

Two questions for Priyanka Gandhi

But the questions that still remain: Why doesn't Priyanka Gandhi formally joins the Congress and take up the baton of leadership which is actually lying unclaimed for a long time now? Why doesn't she go beyond Rae Bareli and Amethi either?

Instead of making guest appearances, why doesn't Priyanka formally lead Cong?

It is high time the party's brains understand that her guest appearances are not going to be sufficient to pull the Congress out of the serious mud it has got stuck into. In this era of changing politics, even an Indira Gandhi would have found it difficult to get going.

But her successors are perhaps too stubborn to read the reality and continue hitting the wall.

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