Net Neutrality: Can we have similar strong movements for other basic necessities too?

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At this moment, it is 'save the internet' campaign which is dominating the Indian mind. Is this really a serious issue or just a time-pass for the media and its followers in a dry season (2015 is not an election year, unlike 2014, and with the World Cup also getting over, the media is finding it troublesome to run its non-stop show)? [What is net neutrality?]

A lot of movements are taking place in India nowadays: All eye unquestioned freedom

A lot of movements of various hue and colour are taking shape in India nowadays. While some stress on choice to have sex outside marriage, others welcome the top judiciary's decision to scrap Section 66A of the IT Act. And now this voice for internet freedom. [Net Neutrality: Internet is a global heritage, not preserve of select few]

Net Neutrality: Is our view too narrow?

Not to forget the new experiment with politics by the Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal. One thing is certain. The modern India, driven by youth, has decided to learn new things in life while old stuff like Test cricket, Ambassador car and the Congress have been dumped.

Today's India just wants empowerment, whether in gender or through mobile internet

One common idea that underlines each of these movements that thrive for freedom is empowerment. Almost 70 years since the hard-earned independence, India is waking up the true ideal of democracy, which is freedom. And this freedom is getting more and more diversified with each passing day. The youthful force of this country today is no more ready to feel content about the status quo. 'Challenge and change' is the catchy slogan.

When the force of democracy is backed by media, it moves even a mountain

This change is welcome. And when this mindset to attain more and more freedom is backed by a massive force called the media, serious change on the ground doesn't look far off.

But why not similar movements are started addressing other basic facilities of life like education, food, water & healthcare?

However, despite all the goodness, one also feels that some questions remain unanswered still. While we aspire for sex outside marriage or a complete freedom while dealing with the internet, do we also spend some thoughts on free opportunity to the poor and the needy to receive education and medicine? Or do those don't matter as long as the facilities that prove our middle-class's elitism remain safe and secured?

Can we have movements for neutral education, healthcare, food & water too?

Whether net neutrality in India is a point worth to be debated is not the point here. Going by the times, of course we need neutral internet but do we feel the same about education, healthcare and other basic necessities of life like food and water also?

Those young voices who are presenting all sorts of logic to cement their argument in favour of internet freedom, why don't they also give a thought on other facilities of life that are by no means luxuries?

Elitist middle-class gives leadership to today's India but does its view take a 360-degree tour?

Today, India is dominated by the right-leaning sentiments of an increasingly empowered urban middle-class and those often ignore the ground reality that exists at the fringes of humanity.

Do we also need to look at some aspects of our lives that do not conform to blatant consumerism and speak for some necessities that fulfil the basic human needs the way we are doing for sexual and internet freedom? If internet is bound to be neutral, then empowerment also should be.

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