National Herald case: Sonia, Rahul have much to answer

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Sonia with Rahul
It seems that bad omen is not getting over for Gandhi clan. The Congress president and vice-president both have been summoned by a Delhi court for misappropriating the funds' of the National Herald newspaper.

The court has also ordered General Secretary Oscar Fernandes, party treasurer Motilal Vora and Sam Pitroda, former advisor to erstwhile Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to be present on August 7. "I have found prima facie evidence against all the accused, Metropolitian Magistrate Gomati Manocha said, while giving the judgement on petition filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swami. Swami had accused the mother-son duo of robbing National Herald and thus devouring the properties worth over Rs 5000 crore. Time and again, people have questioned the probity of the dynasty for their alleged role in spates of scams like 2G, Coalgate and not to forget the Dammad-gate. Now, they all could train their guns once again after coming of this case in public domain.

Quite expected, the Congress reacted sharply over the issue and termed the move a revengeful with the motive of maligning Sonia and Rahul Gandhi's image. They substantiated allegations citing the credibility of Mr Swamy. Whether Swamy is doing vendetta politics or his credibility is not up to the mark that is altogether different matter, but point is if court has summoned Gandhi clan on the charge of criminal conspiracy then there must be some logic and factual evidence in it.

Ten years of UPA’s rule was full of scams

Now, check out the merit of the case and for doing that we have to understand the whole issue. The English newspaper National Herald was started by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1938 under the publishing company Associated Journals Ltd (AJL). Two other newspapers Qaumi Awaz (Urdu daily) and Navjeevan (Hindi) were also started along with Herald. Over the time, the company AJL incurred massive losses and in 2008, the publication of National Herald had to be stoppe. At that time, the company was battling under the debt of around Rs 90.25 crore.

Nothing is objectionable till now but what happened next, will surely give bitter taste to all those who vows on the name of Gandhi clan.

In 2010, Rahul Gandhi (director), along with other coteries of Gandhi family Motilal Vora, and Oscar Fernandes started a new company named Young Indian Limited (YL). Most astonishing fact here is the same set of people were also heading AJL like Motilal Vora was the chairman of the board of directors and Oscar Fernandes was holding the post of director in the company.

Now, what Swamy is alleging that YI with the paltry sum of Rs 50 lakhs obtained the recovery right of amount Rs 90.25 crores, which AJI owed to Congress. The Rahul Gandhi-led company (YI) took over the debt of AJI on the pretext that they will resuscitate the defunct newspaper, which never happened. What they did was they struck a deal with AJI, saying we will give you money but only when you will transfer all the shares on the name of YI. They agreed upon and thus they illegally grabbed all the assets of AJI.

Overseeing the merit of the criminal offence, the court has summoned all the accused of YI.

"Complainant has established a prima facie case against the accused under section 403 (dishonest misappropriation of property, 406 (criminal breach of trust) and 420 (cheating) read with section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC, court said.

According to the law, a democratic party can't issue a loan for commercial activity.

"These funds could not have been advanced in the form of an interest-free loan to AJL, as no provisions exists in the Representation of the People Acts or the Constitution of the party permitting grant of any such loan to a company engaged in commercial activities," Metropolitian Magistrate Gomati Manocha said.

The court ruling clearly indicates this is the of case criminal breach of trust.

But then if we will go by the past records of party, it is nothing new. Doing fraud and embezzling the public money is in the DNA of party and there is ample proof available on that. How democratic process was subverted during UPA's decade, people are well aware of that. Crores of Rupees of public money were frittered away by UPA's Minister and umpteen number of scams under the UPA's decade is a big proof of that.

One cannot forget UPA's scams, including 2G scam of Rs 1, 76, 000 crores, coal scam of Rs 1, 86,000 crores and CWG scam of 70, 000 crores, of course, there are much more. Then how Sonia's beloved son-in-law Robert Vadra made crores of rupees by routing the democratic set of rules that is in open.

Question is why all these illegal activities thrived when Sonia Gandhi was unofficially the head of UPA. She made to work former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh just as rubber stump and thus denigrated the sanctity of the post.

After the decimation in Lok Sabha poll, Sonia Gandhi should understand that people of the country can't be made fool every time. They know the difference between genuine and fake one. Seeing the merit of the case, it can be said that Gandhi duos are in serious trouble.

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