Mystery or Mayan prediction? The strange accidents of 2014

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Malaysian airline
New Delhi, July 25: We know that the year is far from coming to an end and hance the headline may sound very inappropriate, but the incidents that have already happened are a prediction of what lies waiting for us in the future. Or is it the Mayan prediction that is coming true that the world may come to an end...we may have given 2012 a slip, but probably the end is near.

While some of the accidents are yet to be solved, leaving investigators clueless where and how to start, there are others that have happened in the most unpredictable environments.

But, there was one thing in common, many people lost their lives.

Malaysian Airline 370 (unsolved): An international passenger flight that took off on schedule without any hurdle, was headed to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. It went missing just 1 hour after the take off on March 8 and is untraceable with 12 of its Malaysian Crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nationalities.

It lost contact with all the air traffic towers with a 'Good Night' message from the first pilot that raised suspicion initially of a suicide bid by the pilot. However, there have been twists and twirls that question the weather (which was clear that day), the intention of the pilot (which too has been cleared), a malfunction (still unclear).

But what is bizarre is the fact that the wreckage of the plane is untraceable, even after four months of its disappearance.

But what thaws everyone is the fact that the remains of the plane are.

MH 17 (Malaysian Airline): The Malaysian Airline is going through a tough phase this year. While there is a steep drop in ticket bookings of this airline, mystery continues to shroud the aircraft.

It was shot down over a Ukrainian village-Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, about 50 km from the Ukraine-Russia border,killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.Remains suggest that it was BuK missile that tore the plane, but who shot it and why is yet unknown.

The blame game between Ukraine and Russia may have begun with Ukraine claiming that the missile was bought from Russia and the latter blaming the Ukrainian military for the same.

Some say, Vladimir Putin's plane was the actual target and that the structural similarity of the plane with Putin's military plane may have misguided the shooters. Nationalist groups speculate that it was carrying spies and hence was shot, even when there are no particular evidence to prove the same, especially when close to 300 flights took the same flight path.

However, nothing concrete cold be established.

Air Algerie and TransAsia airline (unsolved): The strangest part in both the cases was the fact that there was no reason for the crash. The weather was fine and the circumstances favourable. Though TransAir is said to have been hit by the Typhoon over China, but civil aviation said there was nothing alarming. The TransAir took off from the Taiwan city of Kaohsiung, heading for Makong airport in the Penghu islands, but crash landed killing 48 people.

Similarly, Air Algerie enroute Algeria from Burkina Faso crashed mysterious in Mali. All passengers are presumed to be dead. Air officials said that the navigation services lost track of the MD-83 passenger jet, 50 minutes after take off. The transport minister in Algeria said that the plane requested to change route because of a storm, but it is yet unclear why and how the plane crashed, taking down 116 passengers.

Has the Mayan prediction taken its course, is yet to be seen.

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