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Machli- the Tigress matriarch of Ranthambore turns 20

By Pallavi

In the age of depleting Tiger population in the country, there is still some ray of hope. Machali, the grand Tigress of the Ranthambore is 20 now. But how is that special? Machali is the most famed and framed tigress of her time. The best part about her lifespan is the fact that Tigers live only for 10-15 years.

Called the "lady of the lake", she is known for her physical prowess, majestic looks and her dominance over the entire Ranthambore jungle. Seen fighting with a 14 foot long crocodile, she is verocious predator and a protective mother. However, she is celebrated for another very important reason.


Her progeny interestingly makes 60% of the park's total population.

Machali has been photographed many times and holds a special place among wildlife photographers. Many documentaries and short films have also been made on her and owing to her popularity, she has also won the TOFT Lifetime Achievement Award. She is specifically applauded for her contribution to conservation since two of her 9 cubs (in one of the different litters) are now raising their own families in a nearby reserve forest. In fact, many of the park's Tigers are considered her own offspring. To add to her feat is the fact that she earns $10 million dollars a year for Rajasthan tourism.

It was always noticed that Machali scared off ferocious male Tigers while saving her cubs.

Now, she may have lost her tooth and royal grace, but she still remains the much-feared and the much-revered Tigresses in India. Thanks Machli, for being the protector of the Tigers of India.

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