Know constituencies of UP Assembly polls 2017: KAIRANA (GEN)

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Uttar Pradesh will go to Assembly elections early in 2017. The state has an Assembly comprising 403 seats and a party/alliance has to win 202 seats to form the government.

In 2012, when the last state election was held in UP, the Samajwadi Party had won 224 seats to get a decisive majority.

Know UP constituencies: KAIRANA

<------Previous seat: GANGOH [7]

-------->Next seat: THANA BHAWAN [9]

We, at Oneindia, will take one Assembly constituency a day and have a look at electoral information related to it:

Constituency Name: Kairana

[comprises PCs 4-Gagor, 5-Un, 6-Chausana-1, 7-Chausana-2, 8-Toda, 9-Khodsama, 10-Shamli-Shamla, 11-B allamajara, 12-Bajheri, 13 Kera Bhau, 14-Nai Nangla, 15-Dathera, 16-Baheda, 17-Sakoti, 18-Udpur, 19-Machhrauli, 20-Lawa Daudpur of 1- Un KC, 2-Jhinjhana KC, PCs Kairana 1 & 4, Kairana 2, Kairana 3, 5-Mohammadpur Rai, 6-Ramra,7-Panjeeth, 8-Mamaur, 9-Teetarvada, 10-Unchagaon, 11-Airati, 12-Kandela, 15-Dundookheda, 16-Issopur of 3-Kairana KC, Un NP, Jhinjhana NP & Kairana NPP of 1-Kairana Tehsil. ]

  • Constituency No. 8
  • District: Shamli (Kairana is an Assembly segment under Kairana Lok Sabha constituency)
  • Area of district: 1,063 square kilometres
  • District population: 12,74,815 
  • District literacy: 60%

2012 Assembly election result in Kairana

  • Winner: Hukum Singh (BJP) [SP's Nahid Hasan won this seat in the 2014 by-election after Hukum Singh was elected to Lok Sabha. He defeated Singh's nephew Anil Kumar by 1,099 votes]
  • Votes received: 80,293 (in the bypoll, BJP's vote share was 82,885 but yet it lost)
  • Vote percentage:45.2
  • Nearest rival: Anwar Hasan (BSP)
  • Votes: 60,750
  • Percentage:34.2
  • Difference: 19,543
  • Margin %: 10.99%
  • Total voters: 2,69,228
  • Turnout: 66.03%
  • Party which has won Kairana most number of times: BJP has won four times; Congress thrice; SP once; BSP never

2014 Lok Sabha result in Kairana

Hukum Singh (BJP) defeated Nahid Hasan (SP) by 2,36,828 votes (margin% - 21.05)

About Shamli district: The district of Shamli was carved out of Muzaffarnagar district in September 2011 and given the name in July next year. Major industries in this district include retail and agriculture.

The standard of living in Shamli is high because of the rich farmland of the Doab region between the Ganges and the Yamuna, the sugar mills and the proximity and easy access to Delhi and other important industrial towns. Shamli is also famous for its steel, paper and wheel rim industry.

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