Know Constituencies of UP Assembly polls 2017: GARAUTHA

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Uttar Pradesh will go to Assembly elections early in 2017. The state has an Assembly comprising 403 seats and a party/alliance has to win 202 seats to form the government.

In 2012, when the last state election was held in UP, the Samajwadi Party had won 224 seats to get a decisive majority. Oneindia will take one Assembly constituency a day and have a look at electoral information related to it:




Constituency Name: GARAUTHA

[2-Garautha Tehsil; KCs 1-Moth, 3-Samthar, 4-Poonch, 5-Shahjhanpur, Moth NP & Samthar MB of 1-Moth. Tehsil.]

Constituency Number: 225

2012 Assembly election result in GARAUTHA

  • AC Name : Garautha (225) (GEN)
  • Winner: Deepnarayan Singh (Deepak Yadav) 
  • Winning Party: SP 
  • Winning Votes: 70,041 
  • Runner Up: Devesh Kumar Paliwal (Kukku Bhaiya)
  • Runner Up Party: BSP 
  • Runner Up Votes: 54,243 
  • Total Votes: 2,07,730 
  • Margin: 15,798
  • Margin Percent: 7.61% 
  • Turnout: 66.11%
  • Electors: 3,14,212
  • Total Votes Polled: 2,07,730 (66.1%)
  • Total Valid Votes: 2,07,692 (66.1%)

District: JHANSI

  • Total area: 5,024 square kilometer
  • Rural area: 4,744 square kilometer
  • Urban area: 279 square kilometer
  • Total population: 19,98,603 
  • Male literates: 7,83,705 (39.2%)
  • Female Literates: 5,20,808 (26.1%)

District Extent

[222-Babina, 223-Jhansi Nagar, 224-Mauranipur (SC), 226-Lalitpur & 227-Mehroni (SC)]

Census Data of District: JHANSI

  • Male: 1,057,436 
  • Female: 941,167 
  • Area Sq. Km: 5,024


According to a legend the Raja of Orchha was sitting on the roof of his palace with his friend, the Raja of Jaitpur, and asked the latter whether he could discern this new fort that he had built on Bangara hill, and he replied that he could see it 'jhainsi' (meaning rather indistinct).

This name 'Jhainsi' in course of time became corrupted to 'Jhansi'. It was one of the most strategically situated forts of central India being built on an elevated rock rising out of the plain and commanding the city and the surrounding country. In the 18th century the town of Jhansi served as the capital of a Maratha province and later the Princely State of Jhansi from 1804 till 1853, when the territory became a part of British India. It is a major tourist destination.

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