Kenya university attack no less horrific than Peshawar tragedy, didn't Indian media understand?

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Is terrorism identified by the colour of the nation? For the Indian media, it might be so.

Nearly 150 students were gunned down by Al-Shabab terrorists in Garissa University College in northeastern Kenya on Thursday. The horror has a massive significance, not just because of the number of the dead, but also because of the fact that the menace of terrorism is engulfing Africa without a minimum resistance.


Hell broke loose after Peshawar attack in December last year

In December last year, when an army school in Peshawar in Pakistan was massacred by gunmen associated with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) resulting in the death of 145 people of whom 132 were children, hell had broken loose in India.

Given Indian media's reaction on Kenya, it looks its Peshawar noise was fake

The tragedy had aroused emotions on this side of the Wagah. The cruel killing of the children had also seen solidarity in the Indian media quarters, which was a positive thing to happen in the sub-continent.

But not much noise when innocent students were gunned down in Kenya, one of India's big partners in Africa?

But when a similar tragedy occurred in an African state with which India enjoys big trade and aid relations, nothing of that sort could be seen in the Indian circles. A routine condemnation by some Indian leaders could be heard but that's about it.

Is terrorism known by the geography? But then, 9/11 had rattled us equally

If the massacre in Peshawar was indeed a shocker, then why didn't the university rampage in Kenya didn't generate similar emotions? Is it the geographical distance or the psychological gap that we never intend to bridge? The Indian media was no less noisy when the 9/11 had occurred. So why not cover the Kenyan horror with the same intensity?

Why just blame Giriraj Singh?

We have a remarkable racial prejudice against the Africans or rather the 'black-skinned' as we tend to identify them always. A BJP minister recently mocked Congress chief Sonia Gandhi over her skin colour, asking whether she would be the president of the party had she been a Nigerian. The chauvinists in us shows and let's not just target Giriraj Singh for this. Even the media saints of this country don't have a difference of opinion.

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