Is upping the speed limit on accident-prone highway a right move?

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Indian highway.
The maximum speed limit of vehicles plying on the roads will soon be revised and cars will be able to run at a speed of 100 km per hour while the maximum speed limit for goods vehicles and motor cycles will be 80 km. But a pertinent question that arises at this particular juncture is have the authorities also thought about how are they going to check the rising number of cases of road accidents.

Previously, the road transport and highways ministry notified speed limits in 1989. At that time the number of highways was less and the development of the same was not much. But as per the experts, the number of highways has increased now and thus, he speedlimits need revision.

A total of 1,38,258 people died in nearly 5,00,000 road accidents in 2012

As per a TOI report, "Sources said while earlier the speed limit was based on vehicle type, this time the new norm is based on the seating capacity of all such vehicles. For example, a passenger vehicle that can accommodate nine passengers besides the driver will be allowed to ply at 80 kmph. But a passenger vehicle with less than eight seating capacity can speed up to 100 kmph after the fresh notification is out."

Is speedlimit followed by anyone?

  • We have speedlimit for all the vehicles, but is it really followed by people and more pertinent question is if someone who violates these rules is punished?
  • Laws are made and but then how many of them are implemented and if implemented, are actions taken in accordance to the same.
  • Increasing speedlimit is directly proportional to the number of accidents?

We are talking about increasing the speedlimit but if we look at the number of accidents which take place on the highways, one would be amazed. At the existing speed limits if these many accidents were taking place, then what will happen if the speed limit is further upped?

Safe drive stay alive

According to the government data, India has the highest number of traffic fatalities in the world. A total of 1,38,258 people died in nearly 5,00,000 road accidents in 2012.

The data also reveals that number of road accidents on National Highways and particularly in Hilly States throughout the country have increased during the year 2009.

First there is a need to put curb on the number of road accidents and mechanisms to check the menace of over speeding which is the main reason for maximum road accidents. Then there is a need to make the laws more stringent so that people follow the rules properly and the perpetrators also think twice before breaking such rules.

Increasing the speed limit would only increase the number of road accidents. But, first of all there is an urgent need for improving the infrastructure of the national highways.

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