Is it time for UP or Andhra? The Gandhis' priorities look out of place

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The Congress has two reasons to worry at the moment. One is about the present and that is the current violence in Andhra Pradesh. The other is about the future and it is the news that party chief Sonia Gandhi is going to retire in 2016. Both these incidents and the news put a question: Is the Congress's next leadership ready to take responsibility?

Isn't Andhra problem a concern for Rahul Gandhi?

The next leader certainly means Rahul Gandhi. Apart from playing a cameo innings at a press conference to floor a hapless prime minister, is Gandhi ready to tackle a snowballing crisis like that in Andhra, a state which is already plagued by serious problems like Maoism and terrorism. The Sonia-Manmohan duo, which had raised much hope for the nation in 2004, also stands diminished but yet the two leaders can be ignored for they are the fag-end of their political journey. But for Rahul, the 43-year-old 'angry young man', it is an urgent question that he has to face.

It is strange to see Rahul Gandhi not raking up the critical Andhra Pradesh issue at the moment even as the common men continue to suffer because of disruption in essential services caused by the protests. The man is found to be taking on leaders like Mayawati and Mulayam in Uttar Pradesh, the key state, perhaps with the aim of repeating or bettering the 2009 Lok Sabha election results.

Why hasn't Rahul Gandhi spoken anything on a snowballing crisis in Andhra?

Both Rahul Gandhi and his mother are seen inaugurating projects in their respective constituencies in UP. But isn't it more important for the Congress leader to reach out to the people of Andhra Pradesh now and assure them about improving the situation by his party in power?

But Gandhi's self-centred political style doesn't care about the misery of the common people. His words expressing sympathy for ordinary people must find a backing in action and Andhra Pradesh offered a perfect example to exhibit his skills of political management.

But Gandhi is yet to rise to the occasion, something which the people of the country might have expected after his superman-like act of September 27. If he has decided to do the job in hand, he must complete it and not leave it halfway. Such style of functioning raises concern in the mind of those who feel wary about the post-2016 Congress.

Political instability will cripple both states

With the top brass of the Congress-led UPA remaining indifferent over the Telangana issue, one now fears that the two states, when formed, will also go Jharkhand's way owing to instability problems. The problem with the Gandhis is that they are known only for their big dreams and not the nightmares they create for their countrymen.

The Telangana dream has turned out into a Seemandhra nightmare and we are most likely to see people like Sushilkumar Shinde and P Chidambaram going down in history as the culprits for the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the elite family will continue to dream big about India.

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