Interview: In Kashmir, it's time to honour the coalition dharma

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The release of persons who have been red flagged by the security forces has caused much debate and heartburn among many. There is constant mud slinging over who is to be blamed over this issue and while that is one part of it the bigger question is the PDP honouring the coalition dharma.

The two parties- BJP and PDP had no option but to enter into an alliance says C D Sahay, former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). However now it is time to run the government and not an agenda, says Sahay in this interview with oneindia.

'Coalition should be honoured in J&K'

Oneindia: Has the BJP made a blunder in entering into an alliance with the PDP?

Sahay: The two parties had not option but to get into an alliance. The people had given its verdict in favour of these two parties. By entering into an alliance the two parties have only honoured the will of the people.

Oneindia: There seems to be controversy since day one of the alliance being formed. Your thoughts on it.

Sahay: Once you enter into an alliance and have a common minimum programme, the coalition dharma needs to be followed. When Atal Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, he had spoken about the coalition dharma which needed to be followed and I feel that this should be done now.

For an alliance to work the spirit of the alliance must be upheld at any cost. When the PDP comes out and speaks about an agenda in public that is not the spirit of an alliance. This is nit picking. It is time to run the government not an agenda.

Oneindia: What are your thoughts on the release of persons such as Masarat Alam?

Sahay: As far as Alam is concerned there are claims and counter claims. There are certain steps that need to be taken and the security mechanism reviewed. I would however believe that using the Public Safety Act over and over again without reviewing the case is violative in nature.

One needs to take into account whether persons like Alam can come and instigate and create trouble. A thorough review must be done before action taken.

Oneindia: Will the voice of the people of Kashmir ever be considered?

Sahay: The people of Kashmir are not interested in violence anymore. They have been shunning violence since 1996. What more can the people do to tell the political leadership in India and the non-political leadership in Paksitan that they have had enough of violence?

The people have been sending out messages in 1996, 2004 and 2014 that they are fed up of the violence. It is time that the leadership hears their voice now.

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