Inflation and inflated political egos, is India a place for the mass?

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New Delhi,  Nov 13:The year 2013 means no end to the sorrows of common man. Be it inflation or a political nexus, at the end it is the middle-class law abiding, tax paying and average earning man that suffers.

Indian citizens first dealt with the bumpy ride that the petrol prices took one through, second came the onion shocker that smashed all inflation records in years with Rs 100 a kilo mark (higher than petrol). Still dealing with this, the common man got another blow with potatoes almost vanishing from the market and being sold at Rs 50 a kilo.

If the above-mentioned are examples of inflation, here is another of inflated political egos and a very clear indication of reigning corruption in politics. The Campa Cola resistance is one of hundreds of examples where Indian democracy has failed its citizens again.

Middle-class man suffers here too as it looks on helpless when the fruit of their entire life's work is under threat. Instead of booking the builders, the BMC sent notices to the residents to vacate the flats, that too without any compensation or an alternative accomodation.

Homeless would be an understatement for them as it is hopelessness that surrounds them.

The authorities sit idle watching its people plead for democracy. So, is India a place for the middle-class? A youth from the Campa Cola compound answers: "I am ashamed of being a part of this 'democracy' and this hooliganism. I wish to leave this country."

Well, if that is the future of the country, soon there would be no one to be ruled. Is the government listening?

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