India’s Youth roots for Narendra Modi, hopeful for a change

By: Akshay Bhatia
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Since decades, we have been casually listening to references of India becoming the next Super Power. Sometimes a visiting foreign dignitary calls India the emerging Super Power by 2020; sometimes a local leader, just to mobilize and energise the gathered masses, refers to India as the nation to watch out for.

In the past decade however, the above said references have turned out to be just a figment of ambitious imagination expressed in a moment of extreme positivity. The country's economy is in doldrums, scams hit the headlines at a rate of two per day, corruption has become the norm, internal and external security has been time again compromised upon, and to top it all, the Prime Minister of our nation has adopted the "I will keep silent" policy! Far from being a Super Power, the present regime has in fact made India ‘free of all power'!

But as the clichéd statement goes, there's a silver lining around the darkest cloud. The emergence of Shri NarendraModi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, as one of the strongest, most efficient and most humble leader, has at least given a hope to the people of India, that they may soon get a respite from this unending onslaught.

There is poetic justice after all. While the country finally rejoiced at the justice meted out to the Delhi gang rape convicts, it had yet another strong, very strong reason to celebrate: Shri NarendraModi was anointed as the PM candidate for BJP.

There is a glimmer of hope for India, which has been seething with corruption, misrule and petty handling of issues.Narendra Modi, is the Leader that India awaits. Narendra Modi infuses excitement among the youth and the aged alike. But more so for the youth, who need not only a leader, but a role model. There is a strong alignment from the youngsters who whole heartedly embrace him, his lingo, his policies and his style of functioning.

Modi's outreach to the millions of youth - Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh - to name just a few, has made even commonest countryman a little hopeful. When Shri Modiji will become the Prime Minister of India in 2014, he will be the first Prime Minister to be have been born after 1947!

His ability to reach out and connect with the youth of the country is simply amazing. As a ‘young' leader himself, for him youth is not only a symbol of power, but also a possessor of limitless potential that will help build up our nation into one of the strongest and the best. And as a true leader, Modiji hasn't let go off a single opportunity to tap the strength and determination of the youth.

Narendra Modi's youthfulness lies in his understanding what affects the youth. Modi exhibits the same restlessness for change that the youth want. He does not mince words the way the youth of the country don't. Modiji aligns with their aspirations and their fears.

His appeal to the first-time voters to register online and become a part of the process of nation's decisions display a spirit that goes beyond petty party politics. Mr. Modi's wish is that the young voters have a say in the nation's progress, and hence his appeal to them to register. He believes in the growth of the country; a growth that is generated by the coming together of millions of youth of the country!

The masses see in Modi the Leader who understands business, and helps create employment just like he has done in Gujarat. The women feel secure with his outbursts and strict handling of security which has rendered Gujarat as a safe haven for girls, where they are freely roam around even in the middle of the night!

When people, tired of a slow, aging and corrupt system, look to Modi for strong authoritative solutions, they are certain to get it. They want him to prevent corruption and help them get what is rightfully their own, they know he will win it for them.

If elected Modi will be the first PM to be born after 1947

They want him to end red-tapism, they know he will swish off terrorism just the way there have been no riots in the state for the past decade. They love him for the fact that he at least has a stance against Pakistan. Modi, to Indian Politics, is what Dhoni did to Indian cricket. Like Dhoni, Modiji has given a hope to bring about the winds of change which will create a new generation of hope and positivity. Understandably, it is a feeling quiet alien to the Political class.

This connect with the youth does not happen by hiding behind veiled curtains or be surrounded by a battery of Ministers and spokespersons for answering the tough questions; but it can be achieved by reaching out to the youth. Youth is the pulse of a nation, the heart-beat of an emerging economy. Platforms have to be established to be able to reach out and connect with the youth. Mr. Modi not only understood the urgent need to do so, but he made sincerest efforts to get to the flesh and blood of a nation.

The largest democracy in the world needs a dynamic, dedicated, honest, hard-working and a humble leader, who can provide inspirational leadership to the nation. Shri Narendra Modi possesses all these qualities and therefore he is the ideal candidate as the Prime Minister of India.

A leader who will take the country to the pinnacle of success, who will lead and inspire, who will attempt to make India corruption and scam-free, who will speak to the countrymen and to the international body, instead of hiding behind ‘silent' screens, and who will strengthen India's borders, is the need of the hour. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Hail to Shri Narendra Modi as our Prime Ministerial candidate!

His online presence has wooed many

His online presence has wooed many

With Modi being declared as the PM candidate, many now hope that things will change.

Modi all set to take charge

Modi all set to take charge

If elected as the PM, he will be the first PM to be born after 1947.

BJP named Modi as the PM candidate after much consideration

BJP named Modi as the PM candidate after much consideration

In spite of top BJP leaders showing dissent, later on Friday a census had reached and Modi was named as the PM candidate.

People to wait and watch his leadership

People to wait and watch his leadership

Modi shows a lot of promise, people wait eagerly for his leadership.

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