India's spy worries touch an all time high

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India is facing a serious problem of spies and the number has only shot up this year. 13 spies were arrested in 2013 while in the years 2014 and 2015 it was 7 and 14. The worrisome factor however is that out the 34 persons arrested, 11 were either serving or retired armed forces personnel.

The busting of the spy ring recently only added to this unfortunate number. While Intelligence Bureau officials say that spy games will continue as long as civilisation lasts, the problem area that needs to be addressed is where the armed forces are concerned.

India's spy worries shoot up

Following the investigation that was conducted by the Delhi police, it was found that some personnel in the armed forces were allegedly handing out information to Pakistan based handlers.

Army officials say that the information that has leaked is not sensitive in nature. The information that was sought was relating to the movement of troops only.

Low ranking officials under scanner

Since 2013 there have been 34 spies who have been arrested. Out of this 11 were armed forces personnel. However all were low ranking officers and hence the information that they would have is also minimal and not sensitive in nature.

Most of them have been lured with money while in some cases laying of honey traps too have been reported.

In Hyderabad, two years back a personnel in the armed forces was arrested after it was found he was leaking information. It was found that he was set up through a honey trap.

A small money trail was also found. In the arrests that were conducted in Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal this year, it was found that information was allegedly being passed in exchange for money.

The armed forces have decided to put in place very stringent mechanisms. While there would be enhanced monitoring with the help of the Intelligence Bureau, it has also been decided to restrict access to various websites to those working in the offices of the armed forces.

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