Imagine a place in Pakistan where Muslims do not slaughter cows out of respect for Hindus

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Islamabad, July 6: Can you imagine a place in Pakistan where Muslims do not form majority. Pakistan mainly known as breeding ground for terrorism, bombing churches, destroying temples, attack on religious minority is home to a place where Hindus and Muslims have been living together for decades. There is no place for religious conflict in this Pakistani town.

Mithi, a Pakistani town in Tharparkar district holds the unique identity of being Muslim minority area. Both Hindus and Muslims have lived together like brothers in Mithi since the creation of Pakistan.

Mithi in Pak where Muslim are minority

Mithi is as sweet as the name it has been given. Approximately 80 per cent of the population in Mithi is Hindu. It is a town where Muslims, out of respect for Hindus, do not slaughter cows; and where Hindus, out of respect for Muslim rites, have never organised any marriage ceremonies or celebrations during the month of Muharram.

Not only that, the Hindus of Mithi also happily participate in providing food and drinks for Muslims during Ramazan, and both groups exchange sweets on Eid and Diwali. The crime rate in Mithi is at two per cent and never has anyone witnessed any incident of religious intolerance.

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Muslims living in Mithi do not use loud speaker for Azaan at the time when Hindus are worshiping in their temple, and Hindus do not use bells when it is time for namaz.

Hindus do not in public when it is Ramazan and Holi is played by every member of the village.

The love and brotherhood that exists between the Hindus and Muslims of Mithi is a perfect example of pluralism and the tolerant Sufi culture of Sindh.

Respecting each others' beliefs is the solution of a lot of Pakistan's current predicaments.

 (The story was first published in Dawn)

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