'I am not writing this letter as a Modi fan'

By: Nishchit
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An Open Letter to Narendra Modi
Mangalore, March 22: It seems both Congress and AAP decided to suppress the power of nation's patriotic party. The same Kejriwal who opposed the corruptions of Congress led UPA government has now joined hands with Congress. Seeing all these developments I am getting frustrated. Really it's a shame for all Indians.

I request you all to just think as a real Indian irrespective of whichever state you are.

Just think why Modi is a necessary for India. Then you may understand the situation. Even the child in India says Gujarat got developed under Narendra Modi's period.

But what these Congress and AAP are telling? Why Kejriwal eyes not falling on the most corrupted Sonia, Robert Vadhra and Rahul Gandhi? It's proved beyond doubt that they are the most corrupted persons in last 10 years.

I am asking all these questions just thinking India's future, its welfare. I am neither writing this letter as a Modi fan, nor to instigate the people who criticize. I am not either bothered about comments against me.

Just take an instance. Are you seeing any difference between Congress, AAP and the stupid people's third front? They always talks about minorities' welfare and other things. I am not telling all BJP leaders are honest persons. Even I know the corruptions of Yeddyurappa and Reddy brothers.

But at the present situation India needs Modi. China has always been playing games against us in the borders. Pakistan has killed our soldiers on many occasions. But this UPA government has not even cared to give a strong reply. But Modi in an election campaign gave a brave warning to China and Pakistan.

Even now Modi has been blamed for Godhra and 2002 riots. But the fact is that, after 2002 there is no instance of any other riots in Gujarat.

Even in Congress led states we can see numerous instances of riots. But nobody questions about that. But all including paid media always questions Godhra Godhra and Godhra.

I want to tell you some final words. Even if Modi doesn't become PM, I/we will not loose anything. Just we will feel sad for him for few days or our citizen will celebrate that. But for the future of India it will be a great loss. Just remember it.

(The writer is based in Mangalore and views expressed in the article are that of the writer's)

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