How Rahul & Sharif helped Narendra Modi decimate Manmohan Singh

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Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's calling Manmohan Singh a dehati auraat (unsophisticated woman) during breakfast talks with two journalists, each from India and Pakistan, led to an outrage in India but there is little surprise in it. On Friday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi hit out at the Manmohan Singh government over a controversial ordinance aimed to shield convicted politicians and that was enough to nail a beleaguered Manmohan both in the domestic and foreign circles.

Modi made the best use of the gift presented by Rahul

But it was BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who made the most out of the mess that the Congress leadership had created with an aim to revive its pre-poll image among the people. Modi, just as an in-form batsman who belted a juicy full toss, grabbed with two hands the advantage that Rahul Gandhi gifted him at an impromptu press conference. The crafty BJP leader ensured that the prestigious post of the prime minister was not demeaned while butchering the current incumbent for his inability to lead the country.

Vocabulary has never been a problem for Modi and this time also, it was not an exception.

Modi destroyed Manmohan systematically, though he never demeaned the PM's office

Manmohan Singh, with his nine years in power, is the only man who can lead the Congress against administrator Modi and the latter knows it very well. Hence, there was no question of letting the opportunity to destroy the competitor. Now, with its long-serving PM virtually non-existent, the Congress will wonder whom to project as a viable face for the big battle.

Will the triple decimation of Manmohan compel Rahul to shed his reluctance now?

Modi fired at Rahul and Sharif from Manmohan's back. It was his first solo performance after elevation and he left no stone unturned to carry the attack to both the Congress and Pakistan. Condemning the Congress and Pakistan in this country is a safe bet, thanks to factors like anti-incumbency and nationalism, and Modi just carried with his blitzkrieg from the Delhi podium.

Rahul Gandhi might regret his impromptu press meet now

Rahul Gandhi might now regret the timing of his outburst for it not only gave a massive blow to the potential peace between India and Pakistan, but also gave Modi a welcome mileage.

It will be difficult for Rahul to remain aloof from here on

One feels after the triple decimation of Manmohan (by the Congress, Pakistan and of course, Modi), the ruling alliance will be left leaderless in the run-up to the next election and the onus will now fall on Rahul himself to lend a credible leadership. Modi has already started speaking against the 'crown-prince' strongly and it will be difficult for the latter to remain aloof and reluctant from here on.

Modi's food for thought for the UPA allies

Modi also left a food for thought for the UPA allies during his speech when he asked whether they are also willing to serve under the crown-prince just like the prime minister, who expressed such an willingness while returning from a foreign summit recently. Who knows if the allies feel disgusted with the rattled Congress over the decision on the ordinance and change their mind? A clever politician like Modi has made a good use of the opportunity to make inroads into a fragile UPA. The rest could be history.

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