How police over-enthusiasm deters the war against terror

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What deters the fight against terrorism the most? Arresting a wrong man. Over-enthusiasm, the urge to outdo agencies working towards a similar cause are all aspects that have hindered our fight against terrorism as a whole.

For starters, terrorists recruit using various factors and the main selling point has always been wrong doing by the agencies. Atrocities, crimes for no rhyme of reason by mindless policemen have been the biggest selling points for terrorists.

How over-enthusiasm deters war on terror

Here we list out three cases that have taken place in the recent past which go on to depict how mindless action can deter the war against terror. Be alert but be careful and if you have done wrong be apologetic is what many seasoned investigators of the country would say.

The Liaqat Shah case:

This is the most recent of the cases. Liaqat Shah was on his way back to India from Paksitan as part of the militant rehabilitation policy. Several persons who left Kashmir to join the militancy in Pakistan felt that they were being played by the ISI.

With no solution in sight and them realizing that a separate Kashmir would only be a dream for Pakistan, they decided to return to India.

The Union government and the state of Jammu and Kashmir decided to introduce a militant rehabilitation policy where they would be allowed to come back home and lead a reformed life.

However this has not been extended to dreaded terrorists and only to those who had been misguided and not committed any major crime.

Shah was picked up in March 2014 by the Delhi police on the ground that he was a part of the Hizbul Mujahideen network and had planned on carrying attacks in India.

The NIA has now absolved him of all charges and recommended action against the Delhi police for putting up a fake case. The NIA probe clearly indicates that the Delhi police were in a hurry and wanted to prove a point.

They threw caution to all Intelligence Inputs which clearly suggested that he was not a militant and was only returning to India as part of the militant rehabilitation policy.

Sedition charge for supporting the Pakistan cricket team:

The Uttar Pradesh police had gone all out to slap sedition charges against 67 Kashmiri students who had supported the Pakistan cricket team during a match.

All the students were from a college in Meerut and on a complaint that they were supporting the Pakistan cricket team found that they had been slapped with sedition charges.

SeSenior officers in Delhi and officials of the Intelligence Bureau were quick to term the action of the Uttar Pradesh police as wrong. They felt that these youth ought to have been counseled and warned and sedition charges only would add to the already existing Kashmiri mess.

These officers were right. Barely 24 hours after the incident, Lashkar-e-Tayiba chief Hafiz Saeed made an announcement from Pakistan. He offered scholarships to all these students and promised them education in Pakistan or another part of the world.

What such statements from Pakistan does is get these youth thinking about India. They get the feeling that Pakistan is more sympathetic towards them.

This works contrary to what India has been trying in Kashmir. India wants to instill the feeling of Indianness among the Kashmiris and such actions such as the one by the UP police just does not help the cause.

The curious case of Naquee Ahmed:

Here is a classic case of how a police force tries to outdo the intelligence agencies. The man in question was Naquee Ahmed, an informer for the IB in Mumbai. After the 13/7 blasts, it was Naquee was in touch with the operatives of the Indian Mujahideen and providing the IB with vital information.

One crucial information that he provided at that time was Yasin Bhatkal would be visiting Byculla to collect his security deposit from a house that he had rented out at the time of the 13/7 blasts.

This information was shared with the Mumbai police. Had they worked on it they would have Yasin Bhatkal two years earlier. However they decided to chase down Naquee instead as they had found he was in touch with some IM operatives.

Finally throwing all information provided to them by the IB to the dust bin, they arrested Naquee, held a press conference claiming to have made a major arrest. In the bargain Yasin was alerted and managed to give the agencies the slip

Yasin after giving the slip carried out at least three more blasts in the country before he was finally arrested by the agencies on the Nepal border along with his accomplice Assadullah Akthar.

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