How JD(S) frightened the Congress in Karnataka?

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Superstition and politics go hand in hand in Karnataka. While superstition appears to have become the order of the day, in Karnataka it even goes a step further with black magic coming into the picture.

When one says black magic the name of the Janata Dal (S) has to crop up. The party which has been accused in the past of trying to perform black magic on its rivals is back in the news with the same allegation again.


This time around the JD(S) has been accused by the Congress of performing black magic on them. The JD(S) vacated its office after it lost to the Congress in a legal battle. The JD(S) office was embroiled in a legal tussle after the Congress has staked a claim on it.

After losing the Congress, the JD(S) vacated the office. When Congress members entered into the office, they claim that they had seen a red cloth tied inside which they believed was placed there by a black magician.

Black Magic again

The Congress leaders who entered into the office said that they were extremely scared to get in. We saw a red cloth. There was vermillion, lemon and chilli inside it. When we tried to find out we were told that it was an attempt by the JD(S) to place a curse on us.

The Congress also accused the JD(S) supremo, H D Deve Gowda of being a believer of black magic. We have no doub that was his handiwork, a Congress leader informed. The JD(S) however was quick to deny the charge and said that these were unwarranted allegations.

Congress does counter black magic

The Congress has refused to enter into the building. They are convinced that the cloth was part of black magic aimed at cursing them. The Congress has now begun a complete purification process as suggested to them by another black magician.

The Congress workers say that they would carry out a complete exercise, clean up the premises and only then take possession. We do not want to take any risk as we believe that bad things would happen to us.

JD(S) accused of black magic before

This is not the first time that the JD(S) has been accused of performing black magic. When B S Yeddyurappa was the Chief Minister he had alleged that the JD(S) had performed black magic on him.

He had also said that outside Vidhan Soudha there were articles placed by a black magician at the behest of the JD(S) leaders. This issue had snow balled into a major verbal duel between the two parties with Yeddyurappa alleging that the JD(S) was trying to kill him through black magic.

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