Revealed! Know how Kashmiri separatists live their life king size on tax payers' money

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India has warned Pakistan not to talk with Jammu and Kashmir separatist leaders ahead of the scheduled NSA level talk between two countries. But adamant Pakistan has said that it will meet Hurriyat leaders as this is a "routine matter" and a "long standing practice".

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Separatists leaders as usual will definitely not follow the rule of the land and meet with Pakistani High Commissioner. Separatists and their pro Pakistan rhetoric is well known to all.

How J& K govt pampers separatist

But one must not have idea that these separatists leaders who keeps on provoking Indian government time to time and maintain lavish lifestyle, thrive on exchequer's money. The Jammu and Kashmir Government spends cores of rupee on these anti-India ‘political activists'.

Here is how India spends on these leaders who speaks mostly in Pakistani tone than Indian.

  • State Government bears all the hotels, security bills of Huriiayat, other political leaders
  • If these leaders will met Pakistani High commissioner in new Delhi, the expenditure will be added to State's account.
  • According to reports Jammu and Kashmir Governments spends more than 100 crore on the security of these leaders every year.
  • According to data provided by the State government in last five years, total 21 crore spent (Rs 4 crore per/annum) on the hotel and Rs 26.43 crore on fuel expenditure.

Mollycoddling the separatists

  • Since 2010-11 State spent Rs 309 crore on the salary of guards and Rs 150 crore on the salary of PSOs who provide security to these leaders.
  • One must not have idea, around 500 PSOs and 1000 security guards are assigned to protect these leaders.
  • In totality, Jammu and Kashmir Government spent a whopping sum of over Rs 506 crore rupees on these leaders in last five years.
  • According to Indian Express report, at times states' expenditures on these leaders exceeds more than the State's proposed budget (Rs 484.42 crore) for the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan . 

What Centre contributes

  • Reportedly, in last five years Centre had contributed around Rs 7207 crore to spend on the security related issue.
  • In last financial year, Rs 287 crore was given to the state government for the purpose.
  • While talking on the issue, BJP MLA Rajesh Gupta was quoted as saying, "Instead of putting the taxpayers' money into social welfare schemes or other employment opportunity for the youth, we are unnecessarily paying the hotel and fuel bills of these political activists" .
  • Sunil Sethi, who is BJP's State spokesperson said, "We are of the view that only those political activists facing genuine threat should be given the security cover. I believe there are many on the list who should not be getting such facilities".

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