Has Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh made inroads into Jharkhand?

Written By: Staff
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Jharkhand is the next stopover for the NIA. With the arrest of Salauddin Shaikh and Jahangir Khan, the NIA's probe into the Burdwan incident has taken it to another state.

Both these persons were arrested from Sangrampur in Jharkhand where the JMB along with the SIMI ran a very important module. This module which borders West Bengal is considered to be a strategic one since it helped the cadres cross over between the two states with much ease.


The NIA suspects that the SIMI which is said to be a partner to the JMB trains in the same module that was being run by Shaikh, a doctor and Khan, a religious leader.

Arms training imparted in Jharkhand

Sajid along with several others of the JMB had obtained training at the same module in Sangrampur. What the NIA has learnt is that while modules in West Bengal were used as landing points and also centres for radicalization, they extensively used the one in Jharkhand to impart arms training.

Salauddin and Khan who have been part of this module since the past three years not only worked for the JMB but also helped out the SIMI.

The documents that have been retrieved from these members are ample proof to show that arms training was imparted.

Moreover this module made sense for the JMB since it bordered with West Bengal and crossing over was easier for them.

JMB and SIMI have similar ideologies

Officers in the Intelligence Bureau informed that these persons of both the JMB and SIMI have a similar ideology and hence decided to come together in establishing a common module.

They relied on various other modules such as the ones in Assam from where members such as Rafik Islam and Ali Khan were sent to get trained.

This module imparted training in combat such as shooting and hurling grenades into crowded areas. During the questioning of several JMB members it was revealed that they had a team which specialized in grenade warfare and they had proposed to use the same in Bangladesh.

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