Hafiz Saeed's charity in Gaza- Is he attempting global jihad now?

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The most dreaded terrorist Hafiz Saeed has a large goal now and reports now confirm that his organization the Falah-e-Insaniat is carrying out charity work in Gaza. This has alarmed the Israeli agencies who have been gunning for this man ever since his primary organization the Lashkar-e-Tayiba carried out the 26/11 attacks in which several persons including jews were killed.

The Israeli intelligence which confirmed the presence of Saeed's network in Gaza has also told the Indian agencies about the same. Indian Intelligence Bureau officials tell Oneindia that this was on expected lines and the Lashkar at the behest of the ISI has decided to rake up in a big way the Kashmir and Gaza issue.

Hafiz Saeed's charity in Gaza a sham?

Charity a sham

Hafiz Saeed always relies on charity to enter into a country. It is under the garb of charity that he sets up terrorist modules. The same was seen in Kashmir as well. Saeed relied on the Jamaat-ud-Dawa to collect funds and do charity. The JuD was only a frontal organization of the deadly Lashkar which ultimately caused all the destruction.

However after the ban on the JuD he was quick to float the Falah-e-Insaniat which carried on the work of collecting money in the name of charity. This was the same outfit which raised money for the recent attack in Kashmir, IB officials also informed.

Churning hate

Saeed's agenda of entering into Gaza is a well thought out move. It is a move that has the blessings of the ISI which feels that by raking up this very emotive issue, it can draw a large chunk of Muslims into their fold. Muslims across the world feel more strongly about Gaza when compared to Kashmir today. By making a presence in Gaza, this only helps the Lashkar's global reach and not to mention the large number of donations it would get.

A deadly strategy

Saeed is aware that for his network to grow and sustain longer he needs to increase his reach. The Lashkar always wanted to come out of the shadow of a Kashmir alone cause and create a global outfit. Gaza is the best place for them to be in order to attain that global status.

Going by the strategy of the Lashkar and the ISI, they enter into a country, but never indulge in combat at least for a year. They go about setting up camps, providing medical aid and doing charity. However Saeed's charity is very selective and he will cater only to those opposing India or Israel.

He has started to do the same in Gaza as well, the Israeli intelligence has claimed. Moreover this move by the ISI and Saeed also sidelines the Al-Qaeda which had the reputation of a global outfit. The ISI has being doing its best to prop the Lashkar over the Al-Qaeda in the global battle as the latter has never once disobeyed ISI orders.

Breaking ties

Experts say that his entry into Israel becomes a catch 22 situation for the US. Israel is not a country known to tolerate and they could go to any extent to dismantle terror camps without bothering too much about international pressure.

In case Saeed ups the ante in Gaza and is seen raising arms against Israelis, there is a good chance that they would try and hunt him down or destroy his camps and modules. This would be a very uncomfortable situation for the US which has never taken a strong stance against Pakistan.

India's worry

Indian agencies say that the Israelis need no advise on such issues and are capable of handling the situation as they have the expertise. However with Saeed entering into Gaza, this could change the perception of possible recruits in India who will openly join the fight. The recruitments from India could go up and there are several who are ready to take the risk and join any outfit that opposes Israel.

The recruitments that take place today are more on the Gaza issue while Kashmir is second. There is a clamour among the youth to fight alongside any outfit which promises the destruction of Israel, the IB officer also says.

Several indications

There were indications that Saeed would try and enter into Gaza. Pakistan's army chief Raheel Sharif had said that peace in the world could be attained only by resolving the Palestine and Kashmir conflict.

Moreover the Saeed too has been speaking about the Palestine issue a lot lately. He says that it is time to rise against those who are oppressing the Palestine people who are suffering due to Jewish occupation.

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