From transport to public toilet in Delhi: Mr Modiji, existing system needs immediate attention first

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Narendra Modi
Amid lots of expectations, Narendra Modi led Bhartiya janta party had came to power after getting record mandate in Lok Sabha election. Since then, new dispensation has done a lots of thing at least in terms of announcements, though not tangible in terms of result.

While the Government's foreign diplomacy was praised for its pro-active approach, it's stoic silence over divisive and communal statements given by various party coteries faced severe flak.

Modi Government has made many lofty promises recently, like to set up 100 smart cities, toilets for every house, turning Varanasi into Kyoto, and starting up bullet trains.

Big question- will it be a easy task to turn this pledge into reality?

For various reasons and most of the times for electoral gain, every Government use to announce a lots of things, which keeps on lingering for many years and ultimately nothing happens at the end. Though i am very optimist that the same will not be repeated this time, but then past history always makes one a bit jittery.

Personally I believe that rather than making big announcements and spending huge exchequer money over them, the new Government should concentrate putting existing system in place first.

For an example instead of spending Rs 412cr yearly on proposed Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train, why not the same money be used for improving facilities in other modes of existing public transports like railways, metros and buses which is really in bad shape.

Technical snags, a most hated word by metro commuters

Traveling in metros is like fighting a war and especially during peak hours. Then frequent technical glitches further exacerbate cup of woes of commuters and especially in Blue Line route. And then most irritating part is the lame excuse by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) that because of snapping of a strand of the overhead electrical wire this happened.

The Metro train is like Delhi's lifeline which is used by around 2.5 million people daily. But sad part of the story is even after a decade no permanent solution has been formulated till date to cure this problem which has now become a daily affair. This not only eats up the precious time of thousands of commuters as these snags generally develop during peak hours, when there is maximum traffic on the route. People in metro can be seen brooding that why Modi government is running pillar to post about bullet trains when they can't even manage smooth functioning of metros. More or less similar is the situation with buses and trains.

According to a mail today report, on nearly 100 routes across the city, availability of buses still remains a distant ambition. Not only is the frequency of buses very low, but often passengers have to wait hours for a single bus to come by. According to 2012 times of India report, availability of public transport (buses and Metro) in Delhi per 1,000 people is a shocking 0.504, less than even 1.Then, people know better about the pathetic condition of Indian Railway. Without an agent, one can't get reservation for traveling anywhere in India.

Public urinals and toilets is in shambles

At a time when government is speaking assertively about its toilets for every house campaign, they hardly have idea that most public toilets and urinals are in worst condition in capital. TOI quotes, "Public urinals here are a terrible sight. Even walking past them can be revolting leave alone making use of them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first Independence Day speech laid emphasis on the need for toilets and sanitation but that doesn't seem to have spurred the corporations into action".

Health care system is in bad shape

Situation is more or less same on the front of Health care system. Though Delhi can boast of having more than 35 Government hospitals, but the way people are treated and especially poor that is really a matter of big concern. Most of the times their ultrasound , X-ray machines never works. According to a India today report, nine government hospitals have recently admitted that they don't have functioning Xray machines, ultrasound machines or CT scan machines for several years.

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