Fake currency: Why is it so hard to tell the difference?

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The police officers from across the country are having a torrid time in controlling the circulation of fake currency and it appears as though it is time to re-think on whether to continue printing currency in the denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

The Delhi Police which is handling several cases relating to fake currency recently admitted that it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a genuine and fake note. The racket which emerges out of Pakistan is controlled by two serving officers of the ISI, Major Arshad Khan and Colonel Ali.

Police faces tough time over fake notes

The two officers who are also the handlers of Aftab Bhakti have been in charge of this racket since 2010 and they have been improvising the mechanism with each passing year to better the quality of the fake currency and this has made it increasingly difficult to control the racket.

The ISI officials who control the racket

Major Arshad Khan and Colonel Ali have been in charge of this racket since the past 5 years now. They have two operatives from the D-Gang who take care of the entire racket. While Aftab Bhakti is the point man, he is aided by another member of the D gang who goes by the name, Babu Ghaithan.

Indian Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that the problem is that this racket is controlled by the establishment in Pakistan as opposed being run by a gang.

The fact that the establishment controls the racket makes it easier for these operatives to run the racket. When the ISI is in charge, it is understood that the job would be extremely professional in nature. They get access into the various firms that even India relies on to source material for printing fake currency.

India relies on 11 firms and so does the ISI

India has been sourcing material to print fake currency from 11 different firms across the world. Investigators in India have found that the ISI has relied on the same firms as India does to source the paper to print the material.

Moreover it was also found during investigations that a brand new machine to print the fake currency was installed last year. The machine which is state of the art prints currency of such high quality that it has become almost impossible to tell the difference between genuine and fake.

The ISI has been constantly working on various issues relating to fake currency. There are technological advances that are being made in Pakistan to improve on the quality of the notes. Till 6 months back there were around three major differences that were found in the notes. However those appear to be rectified now in Pakistan which have made the notes look even more genuine in nature.

The differences that have been rectified as of now are the stiffness of the notes. The security thread in the note has been aligned correctly on the right hand side and the watermark featuring the picture of Mahatma Gandhi has been matched correctly now which has made the note extremely genuine.

Banks continue to the easiest channel to circulate notes

Investigators have found that a great deal of fake notes continue to be pumped in through the banks. While the notes come in through various countries such as Thailand and Bangladesh, it is finally pushed in through the banks in India.

Although the banks have a mechanism to scrutinize the notes that are being deposited the criminals still manage to find a way out of this. There are major crowds in the banks especially on Fridays and the days before public holidays.

During the festival seasons the crowds are extremely high and very often the teller at the bank is in a hurry to get the crowds moving. Large deposits are not checked and very often the fake notes makes it into the bank.

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