Delhi polls: Fireworks guranteed this election season

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BJP, Congress and AAP set for the race
With just two days to go, Delhi is gearing up for some major firework in terms of the assembly elections. And what you may ask cause the fireworks- the reasons are many.

Starting with the party that debuts this year; the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). For starters, AAP has managed to capitvate not just the attention of the common man in the capital and across the nation but has also sent veteran political parties like BJP and the Congress into a tizzy.

AAP began with promoting an image of itself that was free from all corruption, lies and fake promises, that according to them, other parties promote at the time of elections. Claiming that they didn't have any funds to fight the elections, they said that they would accept donations from their well wishers and to everybody's surprise managed to collect Rs 20 crore.

But soon the hype around AAP came crumbling down when the party was caught in a series of controversies. To begin with, MHA said that they would probe into the funding of the AAP since they had received many complaints hinting that the AAP was accepting money from foreigners. Followed by this a sting opeartion conducted by a news portal on AAP candiates became the party's lowest point. The sting operation showed some AAP candidates accepting funds without following proper procedures.

Who will you vote for- AAP, Cong or BJP?

But inspite of these controversies opinion polls show that the AAP has still got it what it takes to be a gamechanger in the elections.

Coming to the BJP, a party that was caught by in-party fighting until the last minute. Banking on his popularity, Delhi BJP Chief Vijay Goel was confident of being named as the chief ministerial candidate for the capital. But soon clouds of doubt hovered around him with the party delaying to name their CM candidate.

At last the party decided to go with the humble Dr Harshvardhan, an ENT surgeon, banking on his good image that he had maintained. The party then soon changed its course of campaigning as it had very less time to make Harshvardhan a household name in Delhi. But even Harshvardhan was not spared from any controversies with the Congress raking up a 17-year-old rape allegation against him.

However these seem to have a minimal effect on the party as according to the latest opinion polls, BJP is said to have a slight edge over Congress party in the elections.

And finally, coming to the current reigning queen of the capital, Sheila Dikshit, who even now very confidently says that her party will continue its winning streak. The Congress however could not help but face the wrath of the public and the opposition who constantly reminded the party of its inconsistency in the capital.

From soaring food prices, to inflated electricity and water bills to the safety of women, all these problems were not only brought to light by the people but also by the parties. Dikshit's efforts to bring down rising prices of onion seem to have faltered with the people refusing to buy low quality onions from mobile vans introduced for this sole purpose.

As Delhi goes to poll on December 4, it is all upto the aam janta, the common man to make thier choice. Which party has managed to strike a chord with the common man- Congress, BJP or AAP and who will the people entrust their faith in?

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