Delhi far from shedding India's crime capital tag

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Crime against women is on continuous rise in Delhi.
Delhi does it again. The latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2013 shows the national capital of India as the crime capital. It comes as no surprise that women are vulnerable in this city. From rape, abduction to murders, Delhi has completely changed its status from the political capital to the crime capital of India.

As per the data, registration of offenses of rape has jumped by a significant 35 per cent in 2013 as compared to 2012. Even as registration of murders cases have dropped by 3.6 per cent, a spike in registration of crimes against women has been recorded. There is a 56 per cent increase in crimes such as outraging the modesty of women involving assault and a 37 per cent rise in the offense of insult to women.

There has been a rise in Delhi's crime graph in 2013 over 2012, and crime against women saw a whopping 140-340 per cent rise. After Delhi, Mumbai holds the second slot with 80-90 per cent of jump in the figures. And surprisingly, the only city which has shown negative growth in the same is Chennai.

Crime against women saw a whopping rise in 2013

The data also depicts that incidences of rape have increased by 35.2per cent over 2012 and the figures for assault with intention to outrage the modesty of a woman witnessed a jump of 56 per cent over 2012 and 114.8 per cent over 2003. In the case of insult to a woman's modesty, a rise of 37.2 per cent was recorded across the country over 2012 and only 2.1 per cent over 2003.

In case of murders, Bangalore and Kolkata have shown negative figures whereas, Delhi has recorded an increase of 5 per cent.

And if we talk about the overall crime report, then Delhi tops the list with an increase of 50.2 per cent whereas other cities barring Mumbai, which stands at 14.2 per cent, have recorded single digit to negative growth.

Is this really the reason for rise?

Experts attribute this jump to the lack of resources, police-criminal nexus and most importantly slow judicial process as few reasons behind jump in the crime graph.

The statistics also indicate that besides a reason for the rise is due to increase in the number of cases being registered after the December 16 case as people have become more aware and have a lower tolerance of police inaction.

A senior NCRB officer was quoted as saying in TOI, "The sharp spurt in crime against women seems more as a result of increase in registration of cases than increase in crime per se. In previous years we have rarely seen an increase of more than 6-10 per cent in crimes against women."

Citing more awareness after the December 16 incident, the officer further said, "After the Nirbhaya incident there has been a widespread awareness in the country and more women are coming forward to lodge complaints. Also the Supreme Court has ordered that all crimes against women should be registered. So at least in cities, particularly Delhi, it is being strictly followed."

Well, if more awareness to lodge complaints have come , then the concerned authorities should also act with more alacrity.

It will take some extraordinary effort by the police and the Government to remove the tag of crime capital and rape capital of India from Delhi.

Sensitisation of cops towards crime against women is also needed as still a number of cases go unregistered due to the police insensitivity even after so much of brouhaha over the issue. Also, there is a need to set up fast track courts for speedy disposal of such cases and send a strong message to the perpetrators that they won't remain scot-free.

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