Pak based terrorism: Why Congress and Govt should be on same page to tackle the menace

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What is the role of the Opposition in a democratic country? Is it to push the elected Goverment against the wall for each and every decision it takes or sagacity must be adopted on some issues, at least those which are directly connected with country's law and order and internal security.

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At a time when Modi Government is doing everything to tackle the Pakistan based terrorism and has got a bit of success in cornering Nawaz Sarif Government on this front, Congress leaders have raised doubt over Government's 'intent'. They are finding it difficult to digest the fact that BJP Government has prevented a 26/ 11 like terror attack in the country.

Congress speaking Pak's language?

"How did they come to the conclusion that it was a terrorist boat? It is very strange. Nothing has been explained. Which terrorist organization was behind it?", Ajoy Kumar Congress spokesperson said.

Even other party leaders also spoke in similar language. Shaktisinh Gohil, Congress MLA said that Navy should have caught all the occupants of the boat alive as it was done in case of 26/11 terrorist (Ajmal Kasab).

Is this the way country's oldest party should act?

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has categorically said that they (boat occupants) all were suspected terrorists and circumstantial evidences prove it. There must have been some reason that the smugglers committed suicide, livid Parrikar said. When many of the defence experts applauded Indian Navy's timely and quick action in foiling 26/11 like terror bid, Congress's shallow politics is really shameful. If Congress leaders really had any grievances on the front, they should have talked to the government directly, rather than speaking in many voices. As an oldest party of the country, Congress must know that internal security is a very serious matter and there shouldn't be any loose talk over the issue.

When Congress leader paid respect to Hafiz Saeed

Congress who is blabbering now is known for raking up 'Hindu terrorism' whenever Muslims were found to be involved in terror activities. And the reason for this is very well known to everyone i.e, appeasement of minority just to win election.

One mustn't forget Congress leader Digvijay Singh's 2010 statements when he had created huge uproar by calling Batla House encounter as a fake one.

When nobody even considers mastermind of 26/ 11 attack Hafiz Saeed as normal human being and calls him butcher, at the same time, he was addressed with esteem respect by the then Home Minister  Sushilkumar Shinde. Shinde used honorifics like 'Mr' and 'Shri' for LeT chief in the Parliament in 2012.

Do they really have any moral right to question Modi government which is leaving no stone unturned to deal with the menace called 'Terrorism'.

Is this another way to appease Muslims by fishing in troubled waters?

At a time when Muslims are disenchanted with the Modi Government for not speaking openly against the recent vitriolic statements by Hindu extremists and their anti-conversion rhetoric, Congress seems to be in a mood to use this opportunity to their advantage.

In the Lok Sabha election, Congress was not supported by the minority, apparently because the community was not at all happy with the way the party used them over the years, just to gain votes. Instead, the Minority voted for SP, RJD and even chunk of the minority reposed faith in the Modi Government.

Congress is now hoping that RSS and other Hindu organization's possessive Hindutva ideology may land minority back into their fold. The dynasty party is still taking a wrong path to make a comeback.

They should know that no one would embrace you if you will do politics on the matters linked with internal security of the country.

It seems, the Congress has not learnt any lesson from recent elections where people voted for hope, aspiration and good governance and rejected parties who preached theory of appeasement policy.

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