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5 reasons why a military coup was staged in Turkey

By Vicky

Since year 1960 Turkey has witnessed three military coups. On Friday, July 16 yet another attempt to stage a military coup was made. While the government has claimed that the coup is not successful it would still need to ponder over a couple of issues.

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Why a military coup was staged in Turkey

Here are five reasons why a military coup has been staged in Turkey:

1. Army is unhappy: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President has had a blow hot blow cold relationship with the army. He suspects that many in the army are close to the Islamic Preacher Fethullah Gulen as a result of which he has jailed many officers.

2. There is no support for change in constitution: Erdogan has always wanted to change the constitution. Since he came to power in 2002 he has attempted changes and this has led to several of his supporters parting ways with him.

3. Centralising power: Many accuse the president of trying to centralise the power around him. The firing of several editors believed to close to his one time friend Gulen too has also not gone down too well.

4. Relations with Western leaders: The president's relationship with several Western leaders including Barack Obama have not been cozy. The Turkish and US military share a close relationship but on a personal front, the relations of both the Presidents have not been comfortable.

5. Islamic values: Most people in Turkey have complained about the laws that are being passed to enforce Islamic values. A large number of people and officials still prefer secular values.

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