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26/11 attack: India does not have any more proof to give

By Vicky

When Pakistan says that it needs more proof in connection with the 26/11 attack from India it is clearly not music to the ears. It has become an oft repeated statement which only shows the lack of intent in conducting a free and fair trial in connection with the 26/11 terror attack.

No amount of talks is going to get Pakistan accepting its role in the attack leave alone a fair trial in Pakistan. While that being the case, it is interesting to note that for the first month after the attack, Pakistan was very keen on investigating the matter.


However, the intent was present as long as the Americans pressurized the Pakistanis. But when that stop even the intent changed.

The long list of proofs that India has given to Pakistan:

The 2009 dossier on the 26/11 attack presented to Pakistan is probably one of the most incriminating and detailed. A close reading of the dossier makes a series of points which include the VoIP calls, phone intercepts, the financial conspiracy among other aspects.

The payments for the VoIP accounts which were used by the ten gunmen was paid by a Pakistani. It was a money transfer that was made to an account in New Jersey to have these accounts activated.

Further the GPS devices that were recovered from the ten terrorists clearly indicated that they had come in from Karachi. The satellite phone found on the trawler that was hijacked by the ten terrorists clearly showed that they were being handled from Pakistan. There was a packaging with Karachi marked on it.

Consider only technical evidence:

India does have the confessional statements of Ajmal Kasab, Abu Jundal alias Zabiuddin Ansari and also David Headley. There is enough and more spoken about the role of Pakistan in the attack.

Understandably, Pakistan would not accept this as evidence. They can argue that the Indians have planted these statements on these accused persons. They may even go a step ahead and argue that it was the FBI which planted the statement on Headley as well.

India never expected Pakistan to consider the confessional statements. However the technical evidence in the form of intercepts, GPS locations, VoIP call details among others is clinching in nature. Moreover such evidence has also been provided to the Pakistanis by the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

There is no more evidence to give:

India practically has no more evidence to give to Pakistan. The crime has emerged from Pakistan and committed in India. An officer who was part of the 26/11 probe informed OneIndia that everything under the sun which was considered to be evidence has been given in a series of dossiers to Pakistan.

There are certain short falls and this is largely because most of the persons involved in the planning are based in Pakistan and it is only they who can add to the evidence. It is an easy escape route that they have taken in asking India for more evidence. Can they subject Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi to a thorough investigation and find out what his role was? Can they bring in their star operative Sajid Mir who is also the mystery former ISI officer to the witness or accused box, the officer also questions.

When Paksitan was serious about the case:

The first few months saw some very positive approach on part of Pakistan. The identification of Shahid Jamil the man who purchased the inflatable boats used by the terrorists was one such positive step.

Further, a prosecution witness also told the court in Pakistan about the clearance given to the Yamaha engines which were used in the boat. There was also a statement regarding the fund transfers made by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba in connection with this attack.

All these appeared to be steps taken in the right direction. However this was being done as long as the Americans were watching with a hawk's eye. However the moment the focus shifted, Pakistan was back to basics. It appears as though even Pakistan was playing to the international gallery knowing fully well that the heat on them would sooner or later cool off.

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