No 'asha' for Asaram; Jodhpur Police issues lookout notice

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Jodhpur, Aug 28: Amidst controversies and debates whether the self-styled godman Asaram Bapu is a rapist or not, the Jodhpur police has set a deadline for him, zipping everybody's mouth.

Probably an indication that he did have a role to play in the rape of a minor girl, the deadline also proves that the man's allegation about the girl being planted by the opposition party is also false.

True, that Asaram had a lot of support from leading political parties, but his fear and apprehensions were very clear when he cried out a forceful "OM OM OM OM" on the screen when a journalist asked him 'unfavorable' questions on Aug 27.

The crowd, a refuge?

Surrounded by howling followers is no place for a media conference, but Asaram still takes refuge amidst his blind followers; a clear show of cowardice.

Not surprisingly, whenever he is asked something he doesn't like, he either directs the camera to the audience or cries his rudimentary "OM OM OM". However, one cannot rule out another possibility.

If anything went wrong, he could actually slap a reporter again, without fearing consequences (remember the journalist slapping on September 3, 2012?). Afterall, his followers are there to protect him.

Asaram's wild streak was visible yesterday too when he kept on ranting that the political parties are conspiring against him and not letting the journalist complete his statement.

Wagging his fingers in front of the camera, he becomes aggressive at one point, saying that "no body could do anything to him and that he is innocent". Reminds us of a similar incident in 2012 (during the slapping incident) when he bragged,"I am so powerful that I came out unhurt even after the chopper broke up into three parts on landing."

Asaram and Buddha?

Crazy it might sound, but its true. In a video, going wild on the Internet, Asaram compares himself to Buddha, saying that even he had faced such allegations.

Ask experts and you can clearly see an expression of disbelief and dismay, followed by a mockery. In fact, even  laymen, howmuch ever they race their minds, cannot think of one incident where Buddha faced such allegations.

A Busy Bee

Asaramji, however busy you are, you have to face the charges, now that Delhi police has also filed a chargesheet against you.

You can continue your ranting behind the bars now. We are sure there wouldn't be a dearth of your followers there too. But, tell us something, why were you avoiding the police when they came to take you? Isn't that a sign of cowardice?

You said you were busy, but you had the time to meet an MP! Come on Asaramji, if you are innocent, your 'bhakti' will surely save you, but don't act this way. What will your 'bhakts' think?


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