India=computer, Cong=default programme, people in the 'recycle bin'?

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Bangalore, Aug 23: It takes us about a quarter of a minute to understand what exactly Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi meant when he said "If India is computer, Congress is its default programme." Then what struck, struck hard. If you haven't gotten it yet, let us tell you how confident he is about the party's win in the next elections.

Despite the series of Pakistani violations, scams? Absolutely, didn't you hear him saying that "the country does not appreciate anger and aggression". Even if that meant 34 ceasefire violations in 14 days by Pakistan and a separate intrusion by China in Arunachal Pradesh on Aug 23.

Rahul Gandhi

For those who do not know yet, the Chinese intrusion has been brushed away as a "small" affair by the authorities and something that "keeps on happening".

Wonder why the government took so much effort to rescue the hostages in the 26/11 Mumbai massacre. After all "aise bade bade deshon mein choti choti batein hoti rehetin hain", isn't it Chote miyan? Moreover, look at the number of rape cases, kidnaps happening in India everyday anyways.

Let's not talk about the Pakistani ceasefire now. The entire episode is nothing less than the long-drawn saas-bahu serials where the saas (Pakistan in this case) tortures the Bahu (India?) but the latter bears everything with a smile (much like Manmohan's), just to emerge victorious at the end, winning all hearts.

Sure sir, keep mum till you do not have any country or people to rule.

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