Durga Case: Sonia's 'political gain' is Azam's 'pain'

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Azam Khan
Bangalore, Aug 10: Durga Shakti's alleged demolition of the wall might not have stirred the Waqf, but it surely has stirred the party coalitions in the parliament, especially when one can clearly observe differences widening between the Samajwadi party and the Congress.

And adding oil to the fire is Uttar Pradesh Urban Development Minister Mohammad Azam Khan as he slammed the Congress party president Sonia Gandhi for interfering with the state administration. 

Expressing profound 'grief' and disappointment on Sonia's  demand for a fair treatment in  Durga Shakti Nagpal's case, Azamji made his point (close to) clear. He slammed the centre for meddling with the "functions of a state government" because of "political gains". We will come to Sonia's take on the entire matter later, but just imagine a party (SP) that has the audacity to be vociferous even when it is being cornered.

He further went ahead saying "Soniaji's interference in the Durga Shakti Nagpal's case was a serious threat on the federal structure of the country". We actually do not have any idea why Azamji brought this up, but is he trying to equate the mosque wall demolition (in Durga's case) with the not-so-friendly ties with the country's neighbour-Pakistan?

Our fears turned real when the leader criticized the foreign policy of the Congress, showing serious 'concern' that the "country was not friends with any of its neighbours" under the UPA regime. But Azamji, weren't we discussing about the Durga suspension case?

Surely, you need to be a politician to understand Indian politics. He further raised questions at the secular credentials of the Congress, charging "half the Congress leaders have Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) backgrounds."

Well, if that decided a party's credentials then we are sorry to say sir that half of your party is made of 'chest-thumping' hooligans. But, does that make a difference to the 'honesty' of the party? You are still dealing with the Durga case so 'fairly'. Aren't you?

Congress leaders, however, are tight-lipped on the matter since Sonia's letter. But, Rita Bahuguna Joshi, former UP Congress Committee president was heard saying,"Our party president is a sensitive person and does not see politics in matters like the suspension of Nagpal. Everyone knows who all are involved in vote bank politics all the time."

Soniaji, we have a piece of advise for you. Now that there are vague chances of the SP backing you for the food bill, some serious backup is needed to make your dream project come true.

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