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Coronavirus FAQs After Lockdown

    • How to maintain social distancing now? 
      Stand 3 metres away from people. Wear masks.
    • Is the threat of corona over? 
      No, it is not.
    • Can I go to general hospitals/periodic health check up?
      Yes, you can if absolutely necessary.
    • Will all stand alone shops open?
      Yes, but not in containment zones.
    • Will banks provide all services
      Yes, banks will provide all services.
    • Will fruits and vegetable vendors be allowed
      Yes, but not in containment zones.
    • Can I book pest control services
      Yes, if you are not in a hotspot or containment zone.
    • Will home sample collections for pathological test be allowed?
      No decision as yet, but may be allowed only in green zones.
    • Will the laundry services be available?
      Yes, outside the hotspots and containment zones.
    • Is it safe to use public toilets in non-hotspot zones?
      It is better to avoid public toilets in all zones for now.
    • Do I need to sanitize the 1 litre miniral water bottle also before opening it?
      Yes, you should sanitise the outer part of the bottle.
    • Will inter-state road movement be allowed?
      Yes, with mutual consent of states only.
    • Will intra-state movement be allowed?
      Yes, if your state allows it.
    • Will inter-district bus start plying?
      Only between green zone districts.
    • Is Uber allowed in my city?
      It is available in Cuttack, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Kochi, Silvassa and Daman. Amritsar, Gurgaon, Panchkula, Tiruchirapalli, Asansol, Hubli, Prayagraj, Udaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Kozhikode, Puducherry, Vapi, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Rajkot, Vishakhapatnam, Dehradun, Mehsana, Rohtak, Durgapur, Mohali, Thiruvananthapuram, Ghaziabad, Nadiad and Thrissur.
    • Is Uber essential service available in my city?
      It i available in Bangalore, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai, Nashik, and Ludhiana. UberMedic is available in Delhi. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Noida, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Agra, Ghaziabad, Jamshedpur, Surat, Guwahati.
    • Will all stranded people in Karnataka be allowed to go in Shramik express?
      No, only asymptomatic people only.
    • Do the migrants need to fill any application to board Shramik Express special trains?
      Yes. They need to apply through the website for respective states. In case of Karnataka one can refer to
    • Who will inform me about the zone I live in?
      Your state government.
    • Can I go to office?
    • What physical distance should be maintained in office?
      One metre at least.
    • Are masks mandatory in offices?
    • Can the office prevent me from going to office?
      Yes, if you suffer from flue like illness.
    • Will office have to close if cases are reported?
      No, work can resume after disinfection protocol is laid down.
    • Will full lockdown continue in containment zones?
    • Is inter-state and intra-state travel allowed?
      Yes, but individual states can impose restrictions
    • Do I need any special permission for intra-state travel?
    • Who will decide on containment zones?
    • Will essentials be allowed in containment zones?
    • Will the night curfew continue?
      No, restrictions on movements of individuals during night have been removed.
    • Will there be any restriction on the celebration of Independence Day of India?
      No, but the individuals have to wear mask and maintain social distancing.
    • Will schools, colleges, coaching centres open?
      No, they will remain close till August 31, 2020.
    • Will metro rails be operational?
      Not until the next order.
    • Will the lock-down continue in containment zones?
      Yes, all norms have to strictly implemented until August 31, 2020.
    • Who will decide on activities to be allowed outside a containment zone?
      States and UTs
      • Will MSP for crops be increased?
        The government is yet to announce.
      • Will there be any subsidy on power/diesel?
        The government will have to make an announcement.
      • Can I allow people from erstwhile affected area to work on farm?
        It is not advisable.
      • Will we be able to sell to the agents who vanished during the Covid crisis
        Yes, you can.
      • Will all shops be open?
        Yes, with strict social distancing.
      • Can I still avail work from home?
        Yes, it is advisible as much as possible.
      • Can I withdraw my PF after the lock down is lifted?
        You can withdraw up to 75 per cent of your EPF account balance or three months’ basic wages or the amount that you actually need, whichever is lower.
      • Will urban industries be allowed?
        Yes, but not in containment zones.
      • Is traveling interstate/abroad safe?
        No, it is not safe and it is not allowed.
      • Will all government/private offices open?
        Yes, but only 33 per cent staff in red zones and no in containment zones
      • Will banks and financial institutions open?
        Yes, but not in containment zones
      • Will courier and postal services be allowed?
        Yes, but not in containment zones
      • Should offices have hand sanitisers?
        Yes, it is mandatory
      • Will offices have to close if there are one or two cases reported?
        No, but disinfection process will have to be followed
      • Will offices be closed in case of large outbreak?
        Only for 48 hours
      • Will my TDS be waived off?
        Yes up to 25 per cent, if you are non-salaried?
      • Can a large gathering of meetings allowed in offices?
      • Will coaching classes resume?
        Only online coaching classes will be allowed.
      • Will college cantene be operational?
        No, it will not be.
      • Will PG/hostels remain open?
        Yes, PGs and hostels where students are there will remain open.
      • Can I be promoted to next class?
        Yes, if you have not taken a board exam.
      • Will there be different schedule for exams conducted by different boards?
        Yes, different boards have to conduct the exams in staggered schedule.
      • Is online exam possible?
        There is no such proposal.
      • Will study matelial for DLP be couriered?
        Yes, if you are not in a hotspot or containment zone.
      • Will I get any fee relief?
        No, but educational institutions have been told not to hike fees. It would also depend on your institution.
        • Can I go for dialysis?
          Yes, you can.
        • Can I take my kid for regular vaccination?
          Yes, you can.
        • Will the meternity hospitals in my vicinity be fully functional?
          Yes, they will be.
        • Can I travel to another district/state?
          Only if your state allows.
        • Will trains resume operations?
          No, it will not
        • Do need to wear a mask even inside my own car?
          Yes, it is advisable.
        • Will four wheelers be allowed?
          1+2 travel, but not in containment zones.
        • How can I check into my flight?
          You will have to have an e-boarding pass
        • How can I stamp my e-boarding pass?
          There will be no stamping of e-boarding pass.
        • Will goods traffic be allowed?
          Yes, but not in containment zones
        • When will domestic flight services resume?
          From May 25, in a calibrated manner.
        • When will international flights resume?
          No decision as yet.
        • When I should I report to the airport?
          Two hours in advance
        • Can I go to airport in the morning for an afternoon or evening flight?
          You will be allowed if you have departure schedule in next 4 hours
        • Who will provide transport to airport?
          Duty of the state to ensure availability of cab and public transport.
        • Are masks compulsory in the airport and on flight?
        • Do I have to quarantine after travelling by flight?
          It would depend on the destination state’s norms
        • Do I need to web check-in
          Yes, it is mandatory
        • How many check-in bags can I carry?
        • Are passengers with ailments allowed to travel on flights?
          It is not advised
        • Are pregnant women allowed to travel?
          It is not advised
        • Is the Aarogya Setu app mandatory for air travel?
        • What if my Aarogya Setu app shows red status?
          You will not be allowed to fly
        • What precautions will cabin crew take
          Cabin crew will have to be in full protective suit
        • Will meals be provided on flight?
        • Will I get newspaper or magazines on flight?
        • Do I have to sign a self-declaration form?
          Yes, if you do not have Aarogya Setu APp
        • How much baggage trolley can I carry on flight?
          Minimise it as much as possible
        • What about baggage tag?
          You should download it and affix on bag
        • What if I cannot download baggage tag?
          Write down PNR number on piece of paper and affix on bag
        • What if I am in a containment zone?
          Avoid travel and if you must inform the security
        • Can I travel, if I have tested positive for COVID-19?
        • Can I be penalised if I fly if I am not permitted?
        • How do I collect baggage?
          Wait until the arrival of baggage in batches
        • When will trains start running?
          From June 1. Only 100 pairs of trains have been allowed to run.
        • Are bookings for train travel open?
        • Can I book train tickets at the counter?
          No, only online e-ticketing though IRCTC or through mobile app
        • Can anyone travel on trains?
          Only asymptomatic passengers
        • What is the advance reservation period?
          30 days
        • Is there an unreserved coach on the train?
        • Has the fare been increased?
          No, it shall be normal
        • Will blankets be provided in trains?
          No, blanket, curtain and linen is not provided
        • How many trains will function from June 1?
          200 or 100 pairs
        • Will I be allowed to travel if I have an RAC/WL ticket?
          No, only passengers with confirmed tickets shall be allowed to enter the railway station.
        • How can I get a platform ticket if I need to drop off my loved ones till the train?
          No platform ticket is being issued. Only passengers with confirmed ticket are allowed inside the railway station.
        • Is there senior citizen/divyang concession applicable on train fares?
          No senior citizen concession but four categories of Divyang-jan concession and 11 categories of patient concessions are permitted in these special trains.
        • Will these trains have any AC coach?
          Yes, these trains will have both AC and Non-AC coaches.
        • Will there be any general class coaches in these trains?
          Yes there will be general class coaches but no unreserved seats.
        • What charges will be applicable for tickets in general coaches?
          Second seating(2S) fare shall be charged and seat will be provided to all the passengers.
        • Will there be tatkal and premium tatkal quota in these trains ?
          No, there will be no tatkal and premium tatkal quota in these trains.
        • When will the chart for these trains prepared ?
          First chart before 4 hours and second chart before 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
        • Do I need to put on mask through out my journey?
          Yes, it is mandatory
        • When shall I come to station to catch my train?
          At least 90 minutes before the schedule departure of the train to facilitate thermal screen and other safety protocols.
        • Can airlines hike ticket prices?
          No, govt will decide prices for next three months
        • Will middle seats remain vacant on flights?
        • How much would I have to pay for a flight of 40 minutes or less
          Minimum Rs 2,000, Maximum Rs 6,000
        • How much would I have to pay for a flight of 40-60 minutes?
          Minimum Rs 2,500, Maximum Rs 7,500
        • How much would I have to pay for a flight of 60-90 minutes?
          Minimum Rs 3,000, Maximum Rs 9,000
        • How much would I have to pay for a flight of 90-120 minutes?
          Minimum Rs 3,500, Maximum Rs 10,000
        • How much would I have to pay for a flight of 120-150 minutes?
          Minimum Rs 4,500, Maximum Rs 13,000
        • How much would I have to pay for a flight of 150-180 minutes?
          Minimum Rs 5,500, Maximum Rs 15,700
        • How much would I have to pay for a flight of 180-210 minutes?
          Minimum Rs 6,500, Maximum Rs 18,600
        • Is quarantine mandatory if I arrive in India from abroad?
          Yes, 7 days of institutional and 7 days of home quarantine
        • Will I have to undergo institutional quarantine if I am pregnant?
          No, only home quarantine. Use of Aarogya Setu app is mandatory in these cases
        • Will I have to undergo institutional quarantine if I am accompanied by my child who is below 10 years old?
          No, only home quarantine. Use of Aarogya Setu app is mandatory in these cases.
        • Will I have to undergo institutional quarantine if I am visiting India to attend funeral of family member?
          No, only home quarantine. Use of Aarogya Setu app is mandatory in these cases.
        • Is Aarogya Setu app mandatory to travel to India?
          It is advised
        • I am asymptomatic. Will I be allowed to travel to India?
          Yes, after thermal screening
        • What if I am found to be symptomatic during thermal screening?
          You will be immediately isolated and taken to a medical facility.
        • What if I test positive on arrival to India?
          In mild cases, you would have to home isolate, in serious cases, you will be taken to a medical facility.
        • What is the protocol for those arriving in India through land borders?
          The same protocol followed for flights. Only asymptomatic will be allowed to cross the border into India.
        • Can I travel abroad?
          No you cannot travel abroad
        • Will flight services within India resume after lockdown?
          Yes, domestic flights are operating on selected routes.
        • Will international air travel be allowed?
          No, except Vande Bharat flights
        • Will I get a refund for my cancelled rail ticket?
          Yes, the process has been initiated.
        • Will hotel and resorts be open across the country?
        • Will people be allowed to visit tourist spots?
        • Are special trains allowed?
          Yes, but not in containment zones.
          • Any tax exemption?
            No decision as yet.
          • Any financial cushion for start-up?
            Govt yet to come up with stimulus package.
          • Will my TDS be waived off?
            Yes up to 25 per cent, if you are non-salaried.
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