Imagining an Indian city beyond the 'global city' tag

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Architects, urban planners and experts from various fields from across the country are congregating at National Convention of the Indian Institute of Architects being held in Bengaluru to 'Imagine the Indian City', going beyond the tag of global city.

The platform is being used to look beyond the tag of 'Global City' and debate instead on a fundamental level on imagining the Indian city with its strong culture, heritage and inherent
strengths, where this diversity is celebrated.


"There plenty of talk about turning our cties into international ones on the lines of Singapore and others, but is that really imagining an Indian city? We have such a strong culture and diversity. Coupled with this are our rich heritage and knowledge passed down over centuries. Why can't we have cities that celebrate this instead of aspiring for something international, one that has no roots or connection with the Indian scenario?" says Architect Leena Kumar, Chairperson, IIA Karnataka Chapter.

The three day National Convention being held from December 1 to 3 aims at finding our own solutions and not import ones as a quick fix which may not have relevance for the issue of rapid urbanisaiton.

The last two decades have seen urbanisation coming in at unprecedented levels not only in the major cities of the country but also in the tier I and tier II cities. This growth, invariably happening in the most unplanned manner, leaves much to be desired,the residents of the urban spaces left clueless as to how to solve this problem of overcrowded, almost unliveable habitats. The convention aims to address this very same issue.

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