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Bengaluru fails the cleanliness test: What we must do as citizens

By Nikita Nayar

Bangalore witnessed a sudden drop in its Swachh Bharat Survekshan ranking last year - the rankings fell from 38 in 2016 to 210 in 2017. Again this year, the rankings have dropped to 216 and now it has become a matter of serious concern. The authorities have yet again failed to bring out solutions to the waste management issue in the city. As we blame them for their false assurances, we must realize that in one way or the other, we have failed our city too.

Bengaluru fails the cleanliness test: What we must do as citizens

When it comes to the issue of waste management the government may or may not have done its part, but what can we do as a citizen? Let's leave it to the authorities to come to a conclusion regarding how waste management is to be dealt with and take a look at what we can do to make the city better.

Gradually over the years, we have made plastic a necessity in our homes. So firstly, we must learn how to avoid plastic in our homes. In the form of bottled water or plastic covers from supermarkets, plastic always finds its way to our houses. So to avoid generation of more plastic, ensure that you carry cloth bags while going grocery shopping and that you don't buy bottled water unless you really need it. Instead of bottled water, reusable bottles can be used. And when you purchase anything, make sure it's either biodegradable or at least recyclable.

Punjab villages have declared themselves free of 'open defecation'. They have achieved this after informing the people about the ill effects of open defecation and constructing toilets in and around the village. Open defecation and lack of public toilets was what let down the rankings of Bangalore. Bangalore is in need of more public toilets and they have to be made use of by the people too.

Several spots in Bangalore have begun to serve as waste dumps. People litter the area with the waste from their homes and hence it has become a nightmare for the residents nearby. The stink from such areas is both disturbing and unhygienic. Several residents around the city complain of waste dumps near their homes that is causing them serious health issues. The wet waste dumped later also results in a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many people take advantage of the dark and dump the waste during night time.

In its attempt to be one of the top metro cities in India and in the name of modernization, Bangalore has been left behind when it comes to being the cleanest cities in the country. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that roads and factories will continue to be built, but with each step we take to development we make sure that we don't compromise the cleanliness of the city.

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