Weapon detonation might have caused Sindhurakshak tragedy

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Mumbai, Aug 14: Despite a thorough overhaul in the Russia last year, the submarine still showed signs of technical snags that led to the ill-fated tragedy early in the morning today.

While the main cause of the fire was not confirmed, it is believed that fire broke out in the forward area that stored the torpedoes. So, there is a strong opinion that the weapons might have been accidentally detonated.

According to sources, the submarine was ready to set on an operational patrol and was loaded with all kinds of weapons, torpedoes and cruise missiles. Meanwhile a newspaper report on the absence of rescue pods has added on to the apprehension of the survival chances of the 18 trapped official.

The incident raises serious questions regarding the safety measures in the vessels used in the Navy, especially when this very vessel was sent for a complete refit to Russia a year and a half back. Official reports say that about two-third of the submarine was destroyed and that it is lying 2-3 meters under water. However, when the explosion took place, it was above water.

While a probe has been issued, the extent of the damage is yet to be clear. Officials, however say that if Navy loses this submarine, it will be a big jolt to the naval properties as it had been repaired for 18 million dollars.

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