His biographer may differ, but Narendra Modi is too popular

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Bangalore, July 25: What is the worst case scenario if Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister - will people be stabbed on roads?

This was the question asked by a person in the audience to the author of Modi's biography. And the author had no coherent answer.

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, the author of Modi's biography - Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times - had an interaction with an audience here on Thursday.


One young man wanted to know why many media channels are against Modi? Is he a threat to India?

The author said "Modi is threat to my idea of India".

Mukhopadhay, who said during the question answer session that Modi does not believe in plurality of India and does not accept others view, himself was not willing to accept Modi's India.

This seems to be the fundamental flaw in all those opposed to Modi.

While they want Modi to be accommodative, they themselves refuse to be open about the man, who runs a state.

Writer and columnist Aakar Patel spoke to the author about the book and Modi according to Mukhopadhyay.

But the audience gave ample indications that regardless of the anti-Modi industry, they would like to give Modi a chance to govern India.

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