Narendra Modi explains why Gujarat story is not a hype

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Bangalore, July 12: Gujarat Chief Minister has refused to accept that the story of economic development in Gujarat is all hyped up. Speaking in a interview with the Reuters recently, Modi said had Gujarat's success been a hype, then people would not have voted him to power for the third consecutive term.

"If this was just hype, if this was all noise, then the public would see it every day," he said, adding that the people were instead feeling that whatever was being said is true.


He gave examples of the work that his government has undertaken work in sectors like infrastructure, health and education and nobody just could convince the people just by saying that all this is hype. He said the people of Gujarat had high expectations since the government was doing a commendable job.

But is Gujarat has lagged behind in terms of malnutrition and infant mortality? The chief minister said the state has improved drastically in terms of infant mortality.

However, in the case of malnutrition, Modi said there is no real-time data available in the entire country and hence there is no scope for comparison and analysis.

The leader, one of the most popular politicians in the country at this moment, said his administration always believes in inclusive growth and wants every person to get a taste of the development.

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