Twitterati comes alive with views on Sarabjit's death

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Nation shares views on Sarabjit's death
Bangalore, May 2: Soon after the the news of Sarabjit Singh's death spread as wild fire, citizens from every corner of the nation expressed their rage on Twitter. Different reactions like anger against Indian government and views connecting the death to Afzal Guru, flooded the tag #SarabjitSingh.

Indian death row prisoner Sarabjit Singh succumbed to the injuries he sustained in an attack by two death row inmates in the Kot Lakhpat Jail, Lahore on Wednesday. He was admitted to the Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.

He was convicted for carrying out bomb blasts in Pakistan in 1990, killing 14 Pakistanis. Earlier, Pakistan on Wednesday indicated for the first time that there were now genuine chances that Sarabjit Singh, who was in deep coma, could be repatriated to India.

Twitterati displayed the emotions that waved across the country following Sarabjit Singh's death.

Here are some of the reactions that spread on Twitter.

@AzaanJavaid: Enemies are to be respected -BJP.Where was your respect when your goons demanded & then celebrated the hanging of Afzal Guru. #SarabjitSingh

@YOGESHBOND: Fact always remain our politicos don't care neither for nation nor for its citizens.wait for something to js condemn it. #sarabjitsingh

@iKunaal: #SarabjitSingh brutally murdered. Nirbhaya brutally raped & eventually died. Nothing India-Pakistan about it. It's the devils we live with

@anoopmitra: People #SarabjitSingh who have got stuck bcause elected politicians on both sides cannot talk and solve issues for 60+ years

@adiupadhyay: Have to admit, the 'words' the Govt of India has used on #SarabjitSingh 's death will have the Pakistan govt quaking in its boots.

@MeTalkTruth: Mrs Sonia Gandhi even refused to meet sister of #SarabjitSingh Her heart beats for Italian Marines.

@amith_bhat: Dear Politicians: Whats the use of shedding crocodile tears after #SarabjitSingh's death? You should ' ve taken timely action..#wakeup

@ScharjeelAhmad: #SarabjitSingh so who is attacking/bombing 1st?
#Pak #India "SoapOpera Begins"

@shibangidas: I don't get how the #govt is shameless enough to talk about how #Pak treated #sarabjitsingh. What Pak did is immaterial. What did #India do?

@Raj_Dutta: Mr. PM we're all sons&daughters of #India. Don't come up with repetitive & imprudent statements everytime a life is lost #SarabjitSingh

@Raj_Dutta: no #politicians should be allowed to be part of #SarabjitSingh's cremation. You had more than 20yrs to act. Time for cash awards to family?

@thaparvishal: #pmoIndia regrets that #Pakistan did not heed #India's pleas on #SarabjitSingh. Sir, that's what happens if all you can do is plead

@thenamealy: At the end of the day a HUMAN died due to irresponsibility of someone #sarabjitSingh . Stop making it #India #Pakistan issue out of it pls!

Tens of thousands of reaction tweets keep coming even as we say this. The Nation is upset with the way the government dealt with the this issue.

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