Narendra Modi's critics asked to read Indian Constitution

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Narendra Modi
New Delhi, April 20: Overruling all criticisms against Narendra Modi, Ram Jethmalani on Saturday, April 20 asked critics of Gujarat Chief Minister to read Indian Constitution carefully. Jethmalani's statement surfaced as a reaction on the recent debate over Modi as 'secular' or not.

The powerful and influential lawyer-cum-politician was quoted as saying, "Modi's critics should read the Indian Constitution carefully, in which the definition of secularism is given and those who do not understand it, raise the issue of secularism."

"Secular and Communal have become words of abuse today. People are using them indiscriminately without even understanding what they mean or signify...Modi is the most impeccably secular leader in India. In fact, he is hundred per cent secular" chided the senior advocate.

Continuing his statement, Jethmalani added, "People need to understand the meaning of Hindutva, which is secular in nature." Speaking about his opinion on allegations against Gujarat CM in connection with riots in the state, Jethmalani claimed, "Modi's enemies are tarnishing his image through false claims to deliberately put him down."

The senior advocate once again raised his demand of declaring Modi as BJP PM candidate for upcoming Lok Sabha elections which is believed to be held in 2014. Praising Modi as PM nominee, Jethmalani said, "Modi is honest, possesses administrative ability and is fully qualified to become the Prime Minister. He is BJP's best bet for the top post."

"The BJP must announce its candidature for PM's post as people are expecting this from it. Announcing it after the polls will be counter-productive," he added.

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