How Sanjay Dutt becomes a Hero to Zero in 1 minute

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Sanjay Dutt
Mumbai, March 21: Micro-blogging site Twitter on Thursday, March 21 went abuzz over Supreme Court's verdict on Sanjay Dutt who soon will be sent to jail once again regarding his role in Bombay Blasts 1993 case.

The apex court upheld the TADA court's sentence which, however, has been reduced from six-year-imprisonment to five-year-imprisonment.

Read Full Text: Supreme Court's judgment on Sanjay Dutt

Citing few tweets on Twitter, it seems that the Bollywood actor, who was found guilty in Arms Act, has become a Zero from a Hero.

While many people were impressed with the Supreme Court's verdict, many expressed their concern for Sanju Baba's family members. Here are some tweets which reveal how part of India think about Sanjay Dutt:

Sucheta Dalal @suchetadalal: Sanjay Dutt judgement is a signal to the powerful that they cannot get away. Glad his dad is not around today!

Alok Bhatt ‏@alok_bhatt 2h: Entire media has come out in support of Sanjay Dutt, citing his charities/his kids - morons, dont make me tweet something I dont want to!

Sagarika Ghose ‏@sagarikaghose: Someone shd write a book on #SanjayDutt's life.Illustrious parents,success,battle with drugs, yet so many talk of his personal decency

Snehalata ‏@Snehalatajj: Why #Sanjaydutt hv 2 b so importnt. can't we treat him as just another guilty? what's this new trend? we can't have sympathy for criminals.

Yashasvi ‏@rsyashasvi: Pray! Y should any1 'prey' on him? "@htTweets Sanjay Dutt on SC verdict in 1993 blasts case: I want everyone to prey for me,God is great #ht

barkha dutt ‏@BDUTT: Sanjay Dutt's conviction upheld, gets five years in jail.

Annada Prasad Udgata ‏@AnnadaListens: Im rejoicing victory of the families of 257 Mumbai Blast victims, is #SanjayDutt a victim of #IslamTerror too?

MAK ‏@CENTRE_SPIKEZ: Sorrows of the Dead people's family >>> Your sorrow for Sanjay Dutt. #SanjayDutt

Harshavardhan K ‏@h_vardhan: Sanjay Dutt's conviction has once again proved that SC won't go soft on anyone..

Master Of VENGEANCE ‏@WarHawk313: cc @duttsanjay RT @_kashish_ Diver who carried weapon to #sanjaydutt - Manzoor Ahmed gets 10 years and the weapon keeper gets 5 year

Saurabh Goel ‏@goel508: Sanjay Dutt in Jail.....This time be sure he don't come out of the jail on Parole.....He is criminal and he is criminal.

Mayur Porwal ‏@mayurporwal: #SanjayDutt Justice done, at last. He is a nice guy but not above law.

Yashwanth L ‏@YashwanthL: All the members of Bollywood are now in support to @duttsanjay ... What if he was a common man? Justice is done!

rajan mehrotra ‏@MissdOportunity: All channels hv sympathy for Sanjay Dutt, rest dont exist and dont matter, so it seems...

chelsea lover ‏@chelsealover7: no more jaddu ki jhappi by khalnayak,as Sanjay Dutt has sentenced to jail for 5years;(

abhishek ‏@abhish69: Feeling sad for sanjay dutt is lik feeling happiieee for 1993 blast #shameonyou

Dr Fouzia Sadiq ‏@DrFouziaSadiq: @naanhaleem Ab yaad aya? Justice prevails is a good term but why does it prevail in selective cases? #VerySad #SanjayDutt

yaseengani ‏@yaseengani786: Absolutely shattered with SC judgement for Sanjay dutt. A scape goat for the weakness in the system that failed to nab real criminals hiding

Jugraj Rohit ‏@JugrajRohit: #SanjayDutt This JUDGEMENT IS THIS A CONVICTION OR A REFORMATION?? Because This is a Reformed Man,So what is our JUDICIARY trying to prove?

Bipasha Basu ‏@bipsluvurself: Saddenned n shocked with the news about Sanjay Dutt's Jail sentence.Strength to him n his family.

Kunal Purandare ‏@kunaljp: Bollywood comes out to 'show' solidarity with Sanjay Dutt. No wonder Bollywood ia referred to as show business

MediaCrooks ‏@mediacrooks: Please remember Sanjay Dutt is now a member of the Congress party.... Jagan Reddy too will join them in the near future...

Mahesh Bhatt ‏@MaheshNBhatt: Man lives in hope and dies in hope! I am hopeful that the apex courts verdict will finally bring enduring peace in Sanjay Dutt's life.

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