How Nitish Kumar indulges in battle with Narendra Modi

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Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi
New Delhi, March 18: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar might be overwhelmed after receiving a huge response during his adhikar rally in New Delhi on Sunday, March 17. At least 50,000 people gathered at Ramlila Maidan where the JD(U) leader demanded special status for Bihar.

However, his recent visit to the national capital have brought him to the surface where he seems to have been indulged in an undeclared battle with his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi.

The back to back visits by the two chief ministers give enough scope to others who compare the duo with their speeches delivered at two different places within 24 hours.

While Modi criticised Manmohan Singh-led UPA government while addressing people at India Today Conclave on Saturday, Nitish Kumar surprised all after praising the UPA government, especially P Chidambaram.

The JD(U) leader said, "...I am glad that following the economic survey, the finance minister addressed Bihar's problems. He said that the parameters by which the special status is granted should be reconsidered."

"In fact, during the budget speech, his hinted that the government will rethink the parameters. I hope he keeps his words and we demand our right to special status be honoured by the Centre," added the Bihar CM.

Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi are known to be two arch rivals. The former is believed to be one of the biggest hindrance for the latter for becoming the Prime Ministerial candidate for BJP in upcoming general elections in 2014.

Now, citing the difference between the two leaders, people on micro-blogging site Twitter started comparing the duo. Here are some tweets which compare Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi:

Saswat K Swain ‏@saswat28: Once d Nation was talking abt 3 Charismatic CMs: Naveen Pattnaik, Narendra Modi & Nitish Kumar. Now #NaMo is way ahead of rest.

Modi4PM ‏@SwarupPhD: Beggar Nitish Kumar takes on Narendra Modi's Gujarat model of growth. Will he present a new model for begging?

saswati sarkar ‏@sarkar_swati: As a Bengali I have no issues rooting for Modi a Gujarati who puts India first; can't do the same for #SpecialStatus Bihari Nitish Kumar

Neel Soni ‏@iNeelSoni: Nitish Kumar : Bihar will develop if Centre help. | #NaMoMantra : India will develop if Gujarat help.

Sateash ‏@actindia: Sad. Narendra #Modi didn't beg like Nitish :) : Development is Bihar's right,give us special status-Nitish Kumar #NaMo

Smita Nayak ‏@smna17: While Modi says every citizen needs protection in India, Nitish Kumar says Bihar needs special status. N this man is PM contender for MSM

Rajas Nadkarni ‏@neorajas: After topping Modi on Conclave'13 day, #ShikharDhawan now tops Nitish Kumar! India's true religion, #cricket triumphs over all!

Ashwini Mishra ‏@AListRap: @Ol_Monk haha. Anyways I am no big fan of Nitish Kumar. He uses marketing as well as Modi, that's all.

AKs ‏@77Aks77 +n RT @Saffronista: From Facebook: ''
Comparing Narendra Modi with Nitish Kumar is like comparing IIM with IIPM. Period.'' :-) #Bihar

Aman Tainguria ‏@AmanTainguria22: Narendra Modi & Nitish Kumar. Two CM's out of 28, proving them best and craving for more.

Ajay Misri ‏@ajay_misri: No doubt Nitish Kumar being a good Administrator is hell bent upon declaring Modi as HIndu & himself as Masiha of Muslims.Will not succeed

Anuj ‏@ShahaAnuj: @vinnii123 I am not saying anything. Modi fanboys on twitter are becoming restless because of Nitish Kumar 's visit to Delhi. Ask them.

Dhiraj Nayyar ‏@nayyardhiraj: Nitish Kumar throws down the gauntlet. Be ready #NaMo and RahulG for the third 'federal' front. Campaign for 2014 well underway.

numpty ‏@tarouni: Nitish Kumar & Narendra Modi, 2 CMs who grew their state best in last 5 years claiming each has better model. Good Times ahead for Indians

Tamal Chowdhury ‏@tamal_chowdhury: Both Nitish Kumar & #NaMo are good CMs. Only diff: one highlights the sad plight of his state; the other sells his state's accomplishments.

JS RAWAT ‏@jashrawat: Modi develops without center's help. Nitish Kumar says. Bihar will develop if Centre helps .Choice is urs!

Bhaskar Chatterjee ‏@BhaskarChat: Why no one media asking Nitish Kumar why he campaigned for Modi during Guj election after post Godhra riots in 2002?

Sushant Anaokar ‏@ThyOldMonk: @sushanmhatre Haha .. no no .. NaMo is the media moniker for Narendra Modi n NiKu for Nitish Kumar !! #PoliticalJoke

Anijay ‏@anijay: Yes, you've the right, But that doesn't make it everyone else's duty. (Don't we have the right to progress: Nitish Kumar) RT @rameshsrivats

Siddharth M Rao ‏@Kappal_vyabari: Breaking:Taking cue from #Nitish Kumar, MS Dhoni demands "special status" for 'Sir Ravindra Jadeja' in the Indian Cricket team.

Haalawaadi ‏@scotchism: Special 'status' for Bihar...And 'It's complicated' status with BJP : Nitish Kumar

Abhishek Akhani ‏@Abhishek_Akhani: I will give 10 Rs to Nitish Kumar from my salary on monthly basis for development of Bihar. @ravishndtv aap bhi kuchh contribute kare...

Sandeep Hira ‏@sandeep_hira: Different Blood:Great SBose you give me blood i will get freedom for you Nitish Kumar to UPA Give special status to Bihar i will support U

Ragoth Sundararajan ‏@NaMoAllTheWay: Nitish Kumar is great help to BJP, openly showing willingness to work with UPA in return for backward tag. Good time to exit that stock now!

The Clown Prince ‏@ClownPrinceG: Nitish Kumar wants special status to Bihar. Isn't "Bimaru state" a special status? No get the eff off here and do some work back there.

Abhishek Vyas ‏@27abhishekv: After meeting with Montek "Nitish Kumar" peed in Toilet made out of 32Lakh in planning commission .This was special status granted to Nitesh

RKg ‏@welworth_rkgupt: Nitish Kumar & Narinder Modi are OK bt what abt MMS,the poor economic expert

Grumpy Gujju Gal ‏@GujjuDhokli: I think Nitish Kumar should just end this drama by eating Kellogs Special K. Coz "Be Special". #OkSorryBye

Gaurav Tyagi ‏@tyagi_gaurav: Hahaha "@mahekjn20: Michael Clarke joins Nitish Kumar in demanding special status for Australia in Cricket. #IndvsAus

Siddharthya ‏@SiddharthyaRoy: Nitish Kumar is paying the price 4 allying with the Communal. Just like Naveen Patnaik did. Perils of allying with the Corrupt? Ask the Left

RajaS ‏@Raja_Sw: If Nitish Kumar wants more funds,he should just steal Chidambaram's shoes, so that Chidu sings "Joote do, paise lo". :-) #PJ #Bihar

Chirantan Sanjay ‏@Chirantan1991: Nitish Kumar, you have all the rights to grow. In 10 years, how many Biharis have you convinced to come back to Bihar? #JustAsking

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