Highlights of Narendra Modi's impressive speech at SRCC

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Narendra Modi
New Delhi, Feb 6: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi proved that with his impressive speech at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in Delhi on Wednesday, Feb 6, he is all set to hold a prominent role at national level.

18,000 students were present at the venue and the Chief Minister received a standing ovation at the end of his 45-minute speech which proved that he indeed has touched the young India.

Here are the highlights of Modi's speech at SRCC:

Referring to Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Modi said - both battles for independence: armed and non-violent were in the hands of Gujaratis.

Independent India is still waiting for good governance. We have got swaraj but after 60 years we still wait for suraaj.

If India has to make its mark in the global stage then we need to consider how we will govern our nation.

People to People Good Governance, which according to Modi is the model he prefers to employ in ensuring good governance.

India's biggest challenge is in how it uses opportunity. Our nation was rich in national resources but we are not using it properly yet. Thus we are losing opportunities.

We have worked hard for agricultural development of Gujarat. You may have heard about Vibrant Gujarat summit. But we also have a Farmer Summit on the hottest days of the year where we help develop agircultural innovations and farmers

Our economy is one third agriculture, one third industry and one third services. They support each other and we have developed all.

There must be no one in the audience who has chai without doodh (milk) from Gujarat in it. All the milk in Delhi is from Gujarat.

Milk in Singapore is from Gujarat, Okra in Europe is from Gujarat. Tomatoes in Afghanistan are from Gujarat.

Gujarat is the only state where the water table is going up. We have taken an integrated approach to agricultural development.

Crime in the world is rising. A child in Amsterdam can rob your bank account clean, cyber crime is rising. Forensic science is needed. We are the first in the world to have a forensic science university.

We have a university for security forces where a person can enrol after class X and can then join any security force. Gujarat has the youngest police force. Even the constables of Gujarat are tech-savvy.

A businessman who goes abroad only captures dollars but a teacher influences a whole generation.

India must take its place in the global economy. Biggest thing holding India back is its slowness in adopting new technology.

Time to change perception of India in the manufacturing sector. Why shouldn't we make the 'Made in India' tag a statement of quality for our manufactured products?

India needs to be more aggressive about marketing itself. Whatever products we make in manufacturing should have zero defects for a global reputation and should have good packaging.

India's youth has to be viewed differently. Leaders should see the youth as a new age of power for the nation to progress. Our youth are not snake charmers, they are changing the world with a mouse.

Skill development is the key. Whatever the colour of our skin we are no less than anyone in the world. India's youth has the desire but they have a lack of skills. Presently in Gujarat we are having skill development workshops.

Swap vote bank politics for development. The solution to all problems is development. The whole nation has been destroyed by vote bank politics, what it needs is development. If there is development there is much scope for for a lot of improvement in the nation.

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