Modi debate is about new BJP, will it take Sinha's cue?

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Ram jethmalani, Narendra Modi and sinha
New Delhi, Jan 29: The BJP has a problem in appearing modern enough, said Yashwant Sinha on electronic media as he justified his endorsement of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as party's prime ministerial candidate. Sinha is right. To endorse Modi is to endorse modern realities and the BJP is not breaking free from his baggage.

Sinha is not alone in open support for Modi. Joining him today was maverick party leader Ram Jethmalani, who recently got his suspension revoked and who has history of going against the party line.

But both Sinha and Jethamalani have taken the bull by the horns and that seems to be the need now. The BJP has to make its stand clear and to retain its middle class voters support it has to pitch its fortunes with Modi.

Sinha and Jethmalani are in classic sense not grassroots politicians but both are intelligent and articulate individuals without dogmatic baggage. They seem to have realized that without shaking the party out of its slumber in the chamber of opposition, there will be no future.

Modi presents a credible leadership profile in the Indian polity suffering from lack of leaders. The crisis of leadership is the cause of many problems facing India and any leader worth an appeal of firmness and development agenda is welcome to lead the country.

Sinha is right when he says that Modi has been able to build consensus within Gujarat. "The PM's post is not done by qualification but popular appeal and Modi is popular among the masses."

"Even the Muslim population within Gujarat now realises their best bet is with Narendra Modi," Sinha said and this was backed by Jethmalani today.

"I stand by Modi as my choice for the PM. Modi in my definition of secularism is 100% secular," Jethmalani said.

Jethmalani said that the nation's mood is in favour of Modi. And that was the reason Sinha said "we should remove the confusion in people's mind". "The party and NDA should very quickly reach a conclusion on who should be the PM. To my mind declaring a candidate for prime ministership will be a better option. However, not declaring a candidate is always an option."

Now, it is the turn of the BJP leadership to begin consensus building at national level and take modern approach to politics of India.

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