Asaram Bapu in dangerous enlightenment path

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Asaram Bapu
New Delhi, Jan 8: In Indian tradition, a guru is held in high esteem as he/she shows us the way to god and guides our conduct in life. Because of this very reason, the nation is up against spiritual guru Asaram Bapu.

An educated Indian normally does not spew venom on their gurus or any other spiritual entity as respect is ingrained in the very process of education. But Asaram Bapu's unrelenting comments have run into protests and no amount of explanations seem to take away the impact of the guru's statement.

Earlier, he had said that the victim of the Delhi gangrape could have saved herself by addressing her violators as bhaiyya and beseeching for mercy. Then, he aggravated the situation by Monday when he claimed that an "anti-men" campaign had taken hold following the Delhi gangrape incident and that a new anti-rape law enacted in such a climate will be prone to be similarly misused as anti-dowry laws and SC and ST Act.

The spiritual guru cautioned that any new law on crime against women may be misused by vested interests.

"Mahilayon ki izzat honi chahiye par ek doosre ko neecha dikhane ke liye log bazaaru mahilayon ka istemaal kar is kanoon ka durupyog kar sakte hain. Aisa aksar dekha gaya hai. Dahej kanoon iska sabse bada uddharan hai. (Women should be respected but no new law should be framed which can be misused by vested interests with help of women of loose morals)," he said, addressing his followers in Bhankari village on the outskirts of Delhi.

On the controversy over his remark on the Delhi gangrape victim, the guru said, "I only meant that had even one of the six accused taken 'diksha' (initiated into his teachings), the crime would not have occurred." He blamed the television channels "who get funding from abroad" for creating controversy over his remarks. "I am amused and I also pity them," Asaram said.

Here are some tweets on the guru's remarks:

Preeti Varma ‏(@Sai_Preet): Dear Asaram Bapu, haven't you learnt anything from politicians? They start their speech with 'Bhaiyyo aur Beheno...' yet rape the nation.

Namit Grover ‏(@NG_tweets): Dear Asaram bapu, This "Bhaiyya" trick doesn't even work with Auto-walas. "Bhaiyya, Juhu chaloge?" "No""

Satyajeet Kukade ‏(@s_kukade): Battle of Lanka was avoidable. Only if Sita had addressed Ravan as 'Bhaiyya" while being kidnapped ~ #Asaram Bapu

Varsha.Shokeen ‏(@varshashokeen1): Recently Asaram bapu son got involved in a rape case,he should first teach his son how to behave...

Basheer Ahmed (‏@bahmed711): What does Asaram has to say when the reported rape cases where the perpetrators were the father, the brother and uncle.

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